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The first Zhang Beiling courtyard

If burning sun is phlogistic, glowing sunshine is aspersed from the bend on the sky come down, making so that rectify an earth is to be in a rising in, willow is small hang down, convergent branches and leaves, weak and weary through illness is depressed.

In the clearing of the bright facula that leaves by cut of willow branches and leaves in that one projectile move, hundreds form is silent dish sit, this is a flock of show the boy girl with acerbity blueness slightly, and right now, they are appearance admits small really shutting binocular, the breath between breath, present a kind of feeling that has rhythm extremely, and as breath say offer, their the whole body, asing if is to having naked eye cramped subtle ray appears.

Gentle breeze sadly sway and come, flap of garment unlined upper garment, show slightly however grand.

In ahead of these hundreds form, having station of a stone, on stone stage, it is to having a figure likewise quiet dish sit, his both hands closes before the body, 10 point to across, binocular lock, still entered some kind of Xiu Lian so in condition.

This form also is teenager about, he is having one the head is soft and show messy black hair slightly, the face that still still appears puerile is a bit thin, let a person having a kind of quite comfortable feeling it seems that.

And right now, in the whole body of this teenager, having macroscopical ray to blossomming, below the sort of ray, asing if is the energy that having a Xuan Ao, emerging inside the body to him.

Below stone stage, a few teenagers are abrupt stealthily open an eye, they are looking at the ray of that lad the whole body on stone stage, all be cannot help lick lick the mouth, what a few envy showed to admire on the face is lubricious, after that that quiet it is be stolen to steal murmurous sound to begin to break by theirs.

"Herd elder brother is really fierce, we still are enraged in spirit of inductive heaven and earth, he is entered with respect to already successful advance clever condition, be worthy of really is us east courtyard ground the first person ah.

"Ha, that is of course, mo Shuidong courtyard, I think whole north clever courtyard is coequal in the age, be afraid do not have a few people to be able to be compared with herd elder brother. Be afraid do not have a few people to be able to be compared with herd elder brother..

The teenager that a grey garment teenager before leaning gets on with stone stage it seems that is very familiar, he listens to those who get groups big to steal steal murmurous, can't help complacent laugh, depress sound: "But herd elder brother is come out to had attended by choose " quick way " person, we are whole in boreal clever condition, but with respect to herd elder brother one person has quota of people, should you also know to attend " quick way " some of what allergy is? In those days we but because this matter is boiling this north clever condition is good, therefrom gives comer, basic finally it is entirely by " 5 courtyard " give those who booked. Basic finally it is entirely by " 5 courtyard " give those who booked..

"5 courtyard? " the name that many teenagers hear this is extremely dazzlingly to them, it is the pharynx that cannot help buccal saliva, it is yearning completely in the eye with intimate look, over there, it is the ultimate dream place in all teenager popular feeling, just " 5 courtyard " the Yan Ke of choose extreme, can enter among them, there's no one who doesn't or isn't is the talent's appearance, if who can be entered among them, that also is truly had a boundless future.

"Herd elder brother is very fierce. . . Nevertheless, nevertheless herd elder brother seemed to attend one year only. . . I listen to others to say, herd elder brother is the first " quick way " be over of time have not is driven out to give comer. . . ..

Having a teenager to hesitate, stealthily say, but come back namely he complements rapidly again: "We know the capacity of herd elder brother, calculate that " quick way " in it is to come from macrocosm everywhere talent person or event associated with evil or misfortune, but herd elder brother also absolutely won't inferior, be driven out to come out so, was to get certainly unjust treat! Was to get certainly unjust treat!!

Look at each other in speechless despair of numerous boy girl, this thing what does clever condition of whole even north consider secret in boreal clever courtyard, they are opposite while this feels regretful, what comparative again is curious, they want to know very much, because,be after all what reason, this let having likewise a few minutes outstanding of air of arrogance they the herd elder brother of be convinced, meet actually by that " quick way " active drive is expulsive come.

Twitch one's mouth of that grey garment boy, the path that object: "Hum, it is that for certain " quick way " in somebody is envious herd elder brother, this ability uses a method to force him, irrespective nevertheless, with the ability of herd elder brother, also can enter sooner or later " 5 courtyard " , make a person clear to moment nature. Make a person clear to moment nature..

Numerous teenager take along sth to sb head of take along sth to sb, although they also know endowment of elder brother of this herd in their mouth is extremely strong, but 5 courtyard also are not so good enter ah, after all he is in that " quick way " in, just repair refine a year of time, still do not talk to go up to finish Xiu Lian successfully, this and those from " quick way " the photograph of talent person or event associated with evil or misfortune that comes out truly is compared, still should want a few poorer.

"Bang! "Bang!!

It is nevertheless between their conversation, a broken wood flies suddenly from stone stage, swing on forehead of that grey garment teenager next, the quarrelling sound of a chuckle transmits subsequently: "Su Ling, is you become me really a decoration? The letter does not believe me to tell not master, let you next does holiday stay in east Xiu Lian of courtyard take lessons after school? Let you next does holiday stay in east Xiu Lian of courtyard take lessons after school??

Numerous boy girl is busy raise a head to come, the girl that sees the Xiu Lian on stone stage is mediumly only had been opened binocular, inky binocular be just as night sky, among them clever energy of life is very, in its corners of the mouth, also be hold in mouth or eyes is worn a smile, that smile sunshine and downy, the pen that is just as bit of eyeball is general, make get the teenager's look, become a little handsome rise.

Must say, this is a quite sapid boy man.

"Hey, herd dirt elder brother is fastened, good put bit of holiday not easily, I return calculate on to go back Le Le, if my dad knows I work so the thing that lose face, blame beat dead me cannot. " that grey garment teenager is covering forehead, hey hey laugh continuously.

The boy girl all round also is to cachinnate phonate, atmosphere is lively.

"You also know your dad is fierce, in March, you if again cannot advance is entered clever condition, you are waiting to endure beat. " that is called Mu Chen's teenager shakes that head, do not have very angry path.

"Clever condition which have so good advance to enter, I am not you can play herd elder brother anyhow so " quick way " abnormal. " Na Suling twitch one's mouth, come back namely busy stanch mouth, although what this thing considers secret in whole north clever condition, and him Mu Chen also is not evaded to this, but this kind drives out the thing that after all won't be what glorious.

The teenager Wen Yan that the name is Mu Chen is to laugh, expression does not have too big wave motion, just raise a head to come slightly, the look is hoping to cut the branch of broken facula then, the eyes is shown slightly yearning and complex.

Quick way. . .

Do not know those a few guy now how, should have also ended long refine? If such word, probably before long hind they are to be able to be entered " 5 courtyard " .

Still have, she. . .

Herd dirt close lightly close lightly mouth, flit when to bearing one handle without giving thought to together in brain dark black yataghan, having appearance of gentle and graceful body, the black skirt girl of chill and beautiful appearance.

The beautiful image is jumpy, that bright is like the dazzling silver hair like the Milky Way, also be to wave subsequently dance.

It is this mysterious inhospitality, xiu Lian rises the girl that lets a person feel mad, in that spirit way, chase after indescribably killed him large half an year, and the argument that that invites to get Mu Chen gnash is him saved her.

Nevertheless, when the departure that he is coerced finally, she is the first none hesitant draw blocks the person before his body however.

Think of that always does not have how many affection, an iciness that having the little face that makes potential of disaster water level to be revealed in those day is killed meaning, mu Chen also is those who cannot help is a little absentminded.

Be a yearning really.

"Ah, is this our north clever condition attended exclusively then " quick way " small herd elder brother? Taking a person to repair refine again? Not division still is regard highly really you. Not division still is regard highly really you..

And sink in Mu Chen invade when the sort of complex mood is medium, having a suddenly to show shrill voice to be transmitted slightly, his face raises a head calmly to come, see so that having ten figure suddenly nearby only slowly go, that heads one person, it is a teenager that countenance the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty as good horse, he right now the mouth is carrying careless root, of smilingly looking at Mu Chen.

"Liu Che, you does the person of the courtyard walk on the west we east what does the courtyard do? Search do not beat? ! " be called by Mu Chen before that Su Ling's teenager sees this group of people, complexion is to sink however, stand up to sneer.


On clearing those hundreds east the student of the courtyard, also be to be in stand up right now, the look is looking at this group of bearer not good atly, the number gathers together rise, comparative however have imposing manner.

In this north clever courtyard, cent is east courtyard and on the west courtyard, all sorts of competition often produce between two courtyards, overall nevertheless for, it is all the time before on the west courtyard of courtyard strong Yu Dong, be in on the west before the courtyard, the student of the courtyard also is to avoiding mostly east go, can come one this year, condition was to change however many, and the reason of this kind of change, it is the existence because of Mu Chen.

Ground of a before March two courtyards student has a competition in, on the west the courtyard ranks tertiary Xue Dong this, lose Yu Muchen's hand, let however east many students gave the courtyard an evil spirit, also make on the west the aggressive arrogance slacken of the courtyard a few.

And at present, these on the west the fellow of the courtyard, run to provoke Mu Chen actually, this can let get Su Ling they some are not borne.

"Ah, present east the courtyard is really more and more get a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument, think gave a Mu Chen to you can follow us really does the courtyard cry on the west board won't do? Think gave a Mu Chen to you can follow us really does the courtyard cry on the west board won't do??

Then Liu Che sees east courtyard person much influence is numerous, it is a bit does not see a look of fear however, it is corners of the mouth is cast aside instead, finger points to nearby high table, grin laughs: "Dare you start work try? "Dare you start work try??

Their look casts Su Ling to look and go, see that is tall so that be in only on the stage, have figure of path of a move in chess or a movement in wushu, those form of smilingly looking here, and after the face that sees those are a bit familiar, the person complexion such as Su Ling is to change.

"Be on the west courtyard day learn to grow people. . . ..

In boreal clever courtyard, divide not only for the thing two courtyards, and return cent to be heaven and earth two, and Mu Chen they are the ground, these people on at present high table, it is on the west courtyard day learn to grow, actual strength compared with them nature is to want fierce a lot of.

And when in Su Ling their complexion changes because of this, that day on high table learn to grow people also be commanding laugh is looking at them, each other chat.

"Is that east the Mu Chen of the courtyard? Now can be our north clever courtyard even the celebrity of boreal clever condition, did not think of this kind of age is entered with respect to advance clever condition, although be clever only the area is prime, qualified also nevertheless rise a day, be fierce. Be fierce..

"It is pretty good still, the courtyard gave a talented person however east, wait for him to rise later east courtyard day, we on the west courtyard day be afraid of was about to have some of pressure.

"This boy allegedly by pitch on attend " quick way " , do not know why to was driven out to come out nevertheless, it is a bit comical, hear of this kind of thing for the first time. Hear of this kind of thing for the first time..

"There's no one who doesn't or isn't is the person that choose a fault, does this ability lose him come out? Does this ability lose him come out??

"Ha. "Ha..

Between this group of people, having girl of a red garment, her figure is slender, skin is like snow, a piece of beautiful melon seeds cheek looks appear a little enchanting, the inclined recumbent baluster with her lazy languid, long and narrow beautiful eye looks at pair of depend on that go up to clearing, next on the lad body that the look keeps in that to be Mu Chen, be like is to be full of interest.

"Ah, red damask silk, do you return understanding with this herd dirt it seems that? " having a day learn long laugh to be worn, the station from everybody in light of, apparent the center that she just is this small circle of people.

"Hum, his father is boreal clever condition advocate one of, also be some relations with my father, ever had played together in one's childhood. " that is called the girl of red damask silk's unmindful path.

"Allegedly at the outset does he seem to like you to coming? "Allegedly at the outset does he seem to like you to coming??

The beautiful eye with red long and narrow damask silk is blinked, she is looking nearby that is straightforward dish of body that take, having a beam of light right now penetrable and willow branches and leaves, just be to fall on the face of teenager Jun Yi, form the smooth arc with light circuit, comfortable and good-looking, this makes she is small terrified, faint still can recall to follow the little boy at the back of her buttock then in one's childhood, he what just await in those days, it is the place with conspicuous it doesn't matter, she also is did not give overmuch attention, however who can think of, this each other relation has some of aloof boy nowadays, it is to be able to be become however " boreal clever condition " in obtain exclusively attend " quick way " qualificatory person, the Mu Chen at that time is in it may be said of this north clever condition is limelight acme, the sort of limelight, till later he is driven out suddenly to go out " quick way " rear ability begins weak go.

"In one's childhood thing, what can calculate to like. " red damask silk is like is laugh what pay no attention to, did not cross Na Mingliang pupil to see Mu Chen more however, the latter nowadays as enter boreal clever courtyard, also be to begin to cut a figure, although return unapt become boreal clever courtyard the first person, but be liked by this kind of outstanding person this kind of thing is passed, of at her character or some face, even if is clear that actually this thing or rumor composition are in the majority in her heart, but so the girl of the age, eventually is a little peacockish.

"Ha, the eye of red damask silk but not general, although this herd dirt still calculates pretty good, can return short of to allow the room for action that red damask silk one'ses mind disturbed, didn't you see Lian Linxiu failed? That but total a list of names posted up of our north clever courtyard the Niu Ren of the 7th, dou Jin is entered now clever condition metaphase, this herd dirt and he is compared or have bit of difference. This herd dirt and he is compared or have bit of difference..

"Look we this north clever courtyard, can let those who glance redly damask silk is much, also with respect to Liu Mubai eldest brother. Also with respect to Liu Mubai eldest brother..

Liu Mubai this name comes out, connect these days learn to grow people expression is to pause, it is to feel not little pressure apparently.

Total a list of names posted up of boreal clever courtyard the first, liu Mubai, the region that its father is the biggest region of boreal clever condition more advocate, prestige is celebrated.

Be being returned from appearance appearance no matter is actual strength or for setting, this is one can draw the name with crazy see things in a blur of a few girls at any time in boreal clever courtyard.

Be in on the west in the student key point of the courtyard, everybody knows then Liu Mubai and red damask silk go smally close, although up to now as before not this pride the flower of the courtyard is picked on the west, but should be time problem only presumably stopped.

If Mu Chen is successful,passed that " quick way " all previous is experienced, obtain enter " 5 courtyard " qualification, that fame nature is to be able to have pressed Liu Mubai, but regrettablly is, he does not know how to answer a thing to was driven out to come out actually.

Come so, if who puts two people together photograph comparing again, can make so that other people laughs only undoubtedly.

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