Lofty so wooded that connect sunshine also cannot permeate, so that, in this old forest, see only dark.

In the depth of the forest, have a lakelet, lake water is clear see an end, settleclear clean just like the crystal of color of an azure blue, but, bank of its water level distance is already distant however, dry up to come possibly at any time it seems that.

The breath of life ripples in lake water, but not intense however, it is even, some are frail.

Lakefront, the station is worn a person.

He is wearing robe of a suit black, the look that looks more than 40 years old, appearance is brilliant and resolute, on forehead, a golden hair hangs down in jugal a side.

He so standing, the eyes has some of slack it seems that, there is the flavor of a few minutes of dejecteds more on the body.

Be in be apart from him nearby, still standing a few people, have have high short, have fat have thin, configuration each different. But the eyes of everybody, very bleak however.

"Animal god. " a woman that wears emerald long skirt, come behind that black clothes man sadly, deferential say.

The black clothes man of god of animal be callinged systemic shake shake, shedding of corners of the mouth shows agonized, "Is animal magical? Now our fetch animal, be afraid remain at the moment these. Whose mind do I still make? Whose mind do I still make??

Green skirt woman is silent, just in a low voice: "10000, from at the outset then Huo Yuhao is founded pass clever tower to organize to now, had gone full 10000. Pass clever tower organization to still be in, but we, wanted a trend to eradicate eventually however? Wanted a trend to eradicate eventually however??

The path with animal agonized god: "Of the mankind powerful, had made us cannot contend. Stars old forest, also remain only finally this one Sukhavati. Also remain only finally this one Sukhavati..

"Be ah... " green skirt woman is wanting to continue what to say.

The man of god of the animal that be called raises a head suddenly suddenly, explode in eye eye shoot the golden light like two essence, the horrible smell of that instant break out, make it seems that whole world trembles for it rise.

"Buzz... " the ground below their foot is slight brace up quivered, back-to-back, the lake water before unexpectedly as boiling general, appear bleb. These bleb rise at full speed, back-to-back, the frequency of earth quiver also becomes acuteness rise.

"How to return a responsibility? Did the mankind come? " green skirt woman exclamations.

"Went all out with them! " the Zhuang Hannu growl of bank of Wei of form of a body, shake body flash, change a height to exceed 30 meters gigantic bear actually, sending out all over dark aureate burnish.

"Xiong Jun, sober. Not be the mankind. " animal god is drunk loudly, in him that originally on dim face, was to reveal a indescribable rapture unexpectedly.

"Ended, ended, ended... " grave sound, be without bodeful wander in the forest. This sound ases if to be transmitted from far and near, because too grave, listen not to come out even men and women.

"Bang -- " earth chap, whole old forest is trembling acutenessly, that lakelet Central Plains not much lake water flows backward and enter with respect to remaining originally, lake rough draft was shown between instantly.

"Phut -- " posse Yin Guang flushs in the break of wherefrom earth abruptly, next heavy rap is in bank.

That is a tremendous claw, the Can that open system is argent, on Na Canyin's lubricious gigantic claw, a densely covered argent scale of a hexagon. Every are refracting bizarre glorious on scale together, that tremendous slap, taking unapproachable powerful stress, your all life style should do it worship on bended knees.

The rapturous expression in animal look look more get the better of, on one pace before, odd genu grovel is in the ground, respectful track: "Respectful greet advocate on. "Respectful greet advocate on..

Earth instant blast leaves, the gigantic Xiong Ye that powerful and prosperous breath makes those 30 meters tall even flies to drop and go out subsequently, the gigantic figure that a height exceeds 100 a unit of length abruptly rise high into the air and case, issue an instant, fall heavily on the ground.

Gigantic tree of one plant individual plant unplugs subsequently the ground and case, stand in each mankind all round originally, actually all became an only gigantic animal. But they face that argent giant, can be procumbent only however.

"It died, but I am living still. " grave sound ases if in growl, but having a kind of great Bei idea again it seems that. "Mean mankind, be about to eradicate us? Since I woke, the life that they ruin, also want. Also want..

Can argent ray is dazzing, the fetch animal that makes all type of build or figure gigantic people not dare orthoptic, they can low-down procumbent over, shakily, ecstatic.

The path with animal agog god: "Advocate go up, present mankind, already too too powerful, they that the most top class fetch guides machine armour, it is me, unmatchable also too much. The mankind, had depended on the force of science and technology, let us cannot contend. Let us cannot contend..

Argent enormous body is slowly low first, the resound in the forest that grave sound is in this to length and breadth of land no longer: "Want to destroy them, be about to understand them first. You, come with me. The world that we live be about to have destroyed completely by them, so, we are about to conquer their world. We are about to conquer their world..

Gigantic figure slowly step a pace, forward the direction outside the forest goes, obstruct in that tremendous crown of a tree below, in this dark light, it that enormous body, slowly contractible move, contractible. Be in when it at the line of sight when swoon, already changed humanness form however... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - write be in. Xiaotang: Book of dear Tang Men is friendly people, we fought Luo Daliu's world to come back again. Fokelore of the Dragon King, it is the 3rd when we fight Luo Daliu, also will be a very important, the book of fokelore of bound of the lifelike outside believing to had looked to fight Luo Daliu is friendly people know, divine extent was flowed to whirl by spatio-temporal chaos, small Wu Lin was stayed to be on the mainland, be entered by elite of golden the Dragon King because of him body, tang San issued 18 seal on his body. We this fights Luo Daliu the 3rd story, begin on dance Lin body as a child namely, he also will be this one hero. Fight collect series, it is everybody all the time most love, also was to expend me the series of most painstaking effort. The story of fokelore of the Dragon King, in early I had thought before, and having whole program. Everybody will see more the world of magnificent. We can have brand-new set: Fight armor, join among them. In the meantime, you most the Wu Hun that love also will be returned to. But all metropolises become different. Why the small Wu Linru that wants to know us solves a body the problem of on 18 seal and elite of golden the Dragon King? Want to know Shi Lai overcomes new generation 7 what kind of be quite? Want to know who is final heroine? So, follow please Xiaotang enters the world that fights Luo San together. Xin Shugang firm open, I am registered first on, highway of day internal heat enters last a week. Inside this a week, our the Dragon King is fabulous will now and then update, everybody is so OK now and then will look. Go ahead of the rest collects troublesome everybody, recommend. Next week at 10 o'clock, namely on January 18, we will begin formally to upload, be not to have aperture to join as before! Of Tang Men dozenth year be about to end, thirteenth year be about to open! I am loving you deeply each person, also expecting you to follow I am one case, regain is fought collect, new experience lets the world that we miss deeply then. Love you, love is fought collect! Story, be about to begin!