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The first chapter the first chapter recommends qualification

Purple sun is beamed barren land is pressed down to go up in Dong Lu, it is this small town at accurate place of safety it seems that, smooth added so an opportunity of survival.

In standing in Dong Lu to press down, that is built on the loess playground that big break cuts apart, can see far is just as the sky of burst glass, and indistinct a gigantic hill with rear now sky.

Gigantic hill is not in this empty sky, this is the conclusion of scientists!

That is the hill of the devil, if not obedient, throw you to hill! This is the word of adult gally child.

That is the hill of fortune, mountain is gotten on, have endless money! This is the enthusiastic language of adventurer!

That is the hill that breaks spirit, incomputable orphan few mother, looking to Mang Qunshan of that rank grass when, resentment is in the eye, the dad because of them or it is a man, be buried group of hill at that luxuriant in.

"Shen Yulang, 354 jins, be eligible! Be eligible!!

"Zhu Ming, 261 jins, be unqualified! Be unqualified!!


"Luo Yunyang, 542 jins, actor! Actor!!

On becomes with black empurpling clay level off sports ground, wear blue sackcloth as that unlined upper garment, face does not say to go up handsome, delicate however and dye-in-the-wood teenager brandishs fist stroke is on boxing target, caused to cheer.

"Luo Yunyang this fellow is really abnormal, this ability the time of a month, force went to 500 jins with respect to growth, the person that perhaps he can make a surname really. The person that perhaps he can make a surname really..

"Be, he ability is 15 years old, arrive 20 years old when, force should be OK achieve 1000 jins, the person that make a surname is very simple! The person that make a surname is very simple!!

"Do not know he has a girlfriend, the family can his mind disturbed to him! The family can his mind disturbed to him!!

In the eristic sound of everybody, another boy went, his dress and attendant teenager go up from color same, but no matter go up from fabrics and charge for the making of sth. , two taller however grade, this lad is very handsome, just have some of mean eyes, still have look of bullish of that corners of the mouth, make a person cheerful do not rise really.

"Ah, 542 jins many, but compare with me, still differred many! Still differred many!!

Speak the instant of this word, teenager quickstep comes to boxing target in front, after that heavy one fist stroke goes.

"Lian Yubi, 783 jins, actor or actress especially! Actor or actress especially!!

Appear of this number awesomely, be in charge of the teacher of assessment repeatedly, open-eyed unceasingly, should not say those students more.

"How likely, lian Yubi last time exam, just be only obviously 324, be inferior to even me, him how the time of half month, increase to 783? This is cogged! " plump Shen Yulang, very unwilling shout.

Other student, the half clamours, but also have a few likewise not utter a word. Do not cross the look of a lot of people, subliminal look to Luo Yunyang.

Wear the Luo Yunyang of blue flax school uniform, what complexion also changes is cloudy rise, in his brain, laid an idea right now.

"You fasten blind shout, I tell you, 10 days ago, elder brother of jade a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center took drug of substance of a forge, now, this is his real actual strength. " the teenager of a bony, not without complacent say.

Forge substance drug, the word is exported, not only the student that allows those clamouring ate one Jing, be in even the station aside teacher, complexion also filled astonished scene.

"100 thousand yuan big forge substance drug, lian Yubi his home is true also be willing to part with or use. Lian Yubi his home is true also be willing to part with or use..

"The true blood refine that hears drug is to use fierce animal and into, just had heard of before, did not think of to have this drug really unexpectedly. Did not think of to have this drug really unexpectedly..

Lian Yubi did not pay attention to the person that those comment, he loftily before the body that comes to Luo Yunyang, the say of have a well-thought-out plan: "I had said, in town of our Dong Lu this recommends quota of people is me. In town of our Dong Lu this recommends quota of people is me..

"Although your aptitude still calculates can, but you everyday recumbent the poor ghost that club of one class energy has a meal, contend for by what and me! Contend for by what and me!!

"Cold Men Guizi? I bah! I bah!!

Luo Yunyang is looked at swaggeringly and the Lian Yubi that go, the palm closely grasping, was full of in the heart unwilling. The effort of much day of his work laboriously, provide drug finally than passing a someone however.

"Yun Yang, that recommends the quota of people of courtyard of neat day fierce is you in be being pressed down on behalf of our Dong Lu, obtain whole east award of first of hill county league matches, everybody is seized do not go! " billow of jade of Shenyang of young fat person comes to the side of Luo Yunyang, comfort.

Still differ Luo Yunyang talks, the dean Xiong Zhenshan that the top of head already became a basin thin already forward Luo Yunyang: "Luo Yunyang, you come over. You come over..

Xiong Zhenshan is right at ordinary times Luo Yunyang, it is all over the face smile, but now, the gravity with his clinking however complexion.

"Luo Yunyang, of courtyard of neat day fierce recommend quota of people, our school can give only most overmatch, if you do not have progress for long again, that rests should blame the school not to tell feelings. That rests should blame the school not to tell feelings..

Be flushed of Luo Yunyang instant, ferial in he needs a person complaisant, but this is not meant, he can hold the post of person bully disgrace!

"You also are fastened ill-affected, that quota of people does not give you, give the school. Additional, I just inform you, be not and you discuss. " Xiong Zhenshan drops this word, swagger off.

Luo Yunyang closely biting a lip, his heart has unwilling, feel to have kind of enormous pressure again however, press he is suffocatively come.

"Yun Yang, answer a classroom quickly, ultraviolet tide should come! " Shen Yulang runs, pulling Luo Yunyang forward the classroom runs.

Ultraviolet tide, it is ultraviolet ray actually, just as empty empty burst, still calculate gentle ultraviolet ray originally, became ultraviolet tide. A day of 4 hours ultraviolet tide, had become the period of time with the most provoking Everyman.

Avoid only in the room, ability is sheered quite ultraviolet tidal is invaded.

"I go taking a rest. " after Luo Yunyang comes to the corridor outside the classroom, determined say.

Between conversation, collect cloud ** disregards Shen Yulang originally persuade to stay, forward the dormitory ran over, but ran half, luo Yunyang thinks of a dormitory in, should have many avoiding right now ultraviolet tidal classmate.

He does not hope to see the look of those classmate pity!

The broken cave after the school, it is the place of the practice martial arts when collect cloud rising tone, he right now, after coming to cave, forward the broken stake among cave is hit.

One fist, two fists, 3 fists...

Luo Yunyang does not know he made how many fist, his effort, use up ceaselessly in the fist in this insanity.

Old assiduous effort, be inferior to a family a bottle of drug!

This kind of defeat feels, let Luo Yunyang bottom of the heart had emerged the distress of a kind of nondescript, but be compared with this distress, more make Luo Yunyang afflictive, it is he is changed feebly.

If give oneself a bottle of forge substance drug, his Luo Yunyang is absolutely and then OK the level of the person that promote connecting with the boxing skill his actual strength.

But, can he get a bottle of forge substance drug?

Answer nature is to be no good, 100 thousand yuan big, that is his family centenary the money that makes hard.

The mother relies on clothings of person wash and starch, feed their sibling constrainedly, he can have such assuming how again want.

The blood of a drop, pour out of from part of fist cracked cut ceaselessly, just was full of indignant Luo Yunyang, do not have the keenly feel of a bit unexpectedly at the moment.

"Peng! "Peng!!

When last fist heavy stroke cuts the split second on stake in that, luo Yunyang a base oneself upon is not firm, the head bumps in the upper part of broken stake.

Because drill desperately fist and exhaustion arrived the Luo Yunyang of the utmost, feel only at the moment one black, whole person was in on the ground.

And the instant that falls down in Luo Yunyang, broken stake blossoms a dazzling ray, not, should be broken stake among, blossom gave dazzling ray, below this ray, broken stake is broken into pink, the dark aureate pellet of size of fist of a baby is irruptive arrived in Luo Yunyang's body.

"Host, elementary life... "

"Energy, weak, broken bits... "

One in succession mechanical sound, ring in the hole.

Also had not known how long, luo Yunyang woke, he feels oneself head, clinking ache.

Also cannot abreact so again later, what this harms finally is him.

With respect to the housekeeping that considers neither one good, even if get forge substance drug hard, he also wants the person that make a surname!

The Luoyun that struggling to climb from the ground is in relief, shake a head, him discovery collected the broken stake that come to be done not have actually recently.

Broken stake also is somebody stolen?

Feel in Luo Yunyang oneself head is a bit aching when, in his brain, appeared suddenly a face plate.

Force: 5

Speed: 7

Spirit: 1

Constitution: 9

In oneself head, when to come out more this thing!

Look at the number that appears in him brain, luo Yunyang was cheated a bit really!

"Whether to adjust? " this, 4 words appeared on face plate.

Adjust? Luo Yunyang tries to adjust force become 2, he wants to look, the face is what circumstance after all here.

And the instant that adjusts in Luo Yunyang, the change with the small rapid screen in his brain rises.

Force: 2

Speed: 2

Spirit: 5

Constitution: 4

The change of this kind of face plate, luo Yunyang is done not have originally too attention, but should adjust ending instant, luo Yunyang feels his head buzzs a bit.

A few original very fair thing, what change actually right now is a bit punch-drunk, and the mind that he still has a kind of extremely tired out feeling to appear in him.

Tired out, tremendous exhaustion!

This is what circumstance!

Luo Yunyang stands, he what move toward broken cave mouth, discover oneself speed, also slowed a lot of, at ordinary times the road of ten seconds, he went half minutes.

But, when coming up against stone of size of a fist with respect to the foot in Luo Yunyang, that stone was like an arrow to fly commonly.

"Peng "

Stone is bumped heavily was in a outside on 100 jins of stone, that stone also flew, this kind changes, make Luo Yunyang dumbfounded!

Oneself force, when to become so big!

Be because that appears in the adjustment in brains, face plate?

A bit did not hesitate, luo Yunyang began to adjust again, this, he adjusted constitutional force one, next speed, spirit and constitution were reduced 2.

2 very few, after be being adjusted so when Luo Yunyang, he feels oneself condition, it is wonderful really, extremely comfortable.

"Bang! "Bang!!

Biff weighs boxing bombard to be on cliff, cliff appeared immediately 3 inches of deep fists imprint.

Before, luo Yunyang's fist imprints have a inch many only deep, can be now, hit on stone, appeared however 3 inches of deep fists imprint.

This needs the power ability of hoisting jack to do quite!

Oneself force, reached the degree of hoisting jack, in eye eye of Luo Yunyang, promoted ecstatic quality!

He wants to admire Tian Changxiao to convey his joyance, although he is not clear still, what to produce after all, but present change, to him, was to open highway of an exceeding lofty or great undoubtedly!