The 001st chapter by you?

"Clang ~ "

Gourd ladle of boundless heavy rain is spilled and fall, drape act of a manic rain for continuous and endless strange Shan Junling, between hill, one is built by the foot of a hill and go up at the broad black Shi Dao of direct half way up the mountain, level off atmospheric on stone stage, a dressed in rage form allows to invade wet whole body by heavy rain however not care a nut, just maintaining back genuflect to be in stone stage, the grand audience hall direction in stage of genuflect Xiang Shi.

Even if the teenager had lost all redness of skin on comely face, the whole body also is in cannot help tremble, cold hungry, the feeling of suffer hunger and cold sweeps across the whole body, that bloodcurdling torment lets a teenager be about syncope goes, but he still is biting tooth genuflect to be in place, appearance firm and persistent.

Rain issues bigger more, the teenager is more than all over drenched, the body also shakes in rain, be about to faint soon, the ability inside proud hall is gently walk out of youth of two black clotheses, glance teenager, in the young eye with that tall figure also thrill through weird, "Jiang Shou, come in first avoid take shelter from rain. Come in first avoid take shelter from rain..

More than the young complexion with this tall figure is bizarre, another figure is poorer taking euqally in the eye that be like weird.

"Many thanks elder is well-intentioned, do not cross me or want to hold to again, ancient elder has said to want me to show good faith only, can break rules receive me to enter ancestor, I can hold on. " after lofty youth is verbal, teenager Jiang Shou however grin reluctance laughs, very sturdy answer.

But Na Shouxiao's youth cannot help however at the door audience hall low scold, "You this idiocy, ancient senior fellow apprentice makes fun of you, with your aptitude, before yuan of we are big Zong Zhi already by 49 a door close the door on, suit Xiu Lian far from, are you still here really genuflect 3 days of 3 night? Fall on his knees again go you double leg wants to abandon! Fall on his knees again go you double leg wants to abandon!!

"Won't, how can the sort of character make fun of ancient elder I such small part, many thanks two elder are well-intentioned, I hold to again. " complexion of the Jiang Shou in the quarrelling sound is fierce one white, in the eye also thrill through shakes one tiny bit, but still biting a tooth to start to talk subsequently.

"Fool! "Fool!!

"Leave him alone, he loves genuflect with respect to genuflect, had not seen so foolish guy, do not suit Xiu Lian to return obviously so one-track mind, also deserve here to death! Also deserve here to death!!


Two form inside audience hall are stupefied again, talent is subsequently small scolding go back audience hall, what there is unpleasant attack by surprise as before in eye of the two people when backtrack namely is weird, this kind weird and more than have mock, despise, still have little admire even.

Wu Daowei honour the world, gifted person can make oneself ceaseless become strong through Xiu Lian, xiu Lian the first pace is a spirit namely, inducting earth of fire of golden wood wind to wait for each is clever gas enter system, scrape up is repaired for while still can make fleshy body ceaseless develop to effective system, connect clever cent to weigh, ninefold above is Wu Sheng namely, powerful fierce person read aloud can execute scope of operation, ground of escape of shifty flying Apsaras, and fierce person endowment often also is reflected in Xiu Lian on effective system of a few departments, repairing refine sheet to fasten is common, double department is a talent, 3 departments 4 departments are super talent unique talent, although there still is 5 to fasten 6 departments to be repaired together in fokelore, 6 departments just are one the individual's limit, but that is fabulous only just, in such world, of male crouch each district basic also be all sorts of Wu Daozong doors.

City of cliff of Lai nation approach hopes hill county territory is long wide each are continuous thousands of lis, more sufficient have more than 100 military Daozongmen, stand high above the masses besides 3 2 outside tasting a door, other it is to taste a door completely.

Every time when each door cut into a mountain receives sentence, must be to come from the teenager men and women of all over the country to daydream more want to do obeisance to each, yuan big ancestor although also be,taste a door, but county of in sight hill about a hundred taste a door in it is house however, annual before cut into a mountain receives apprentice to have men and women of on 10 thousand teenagers at least, will do obeisance to hill, not exceptional also this year.

Men and women of on 10 thousand teenagers counts 100 people finally only by income ancestor the door, more or by close the door on, the river outside the door is defended even if by refus one of, but who thinks of this boy is in unexpectedly after be being rejected, bestow favours of the person that the mouth requests to be in charge of that big Yuan Zongwu of assessment, the request breaks rules receive him to enter ancestor.

As a result assessment spot boiled, boiling of many teenager men and women that attend assessment do not say, of the person that be in charge of last batches of assessment that waves senior fellow apprentice of the door inside Xue Feng is happy also, laughing to say to let me break rules to also go on the spot, is nevertheless you also must show good faith? As a result Jiangshou was in yuan big with respect to genuflect ancestor outside the entrance, one genuflect 3 days of 3 night, drop water was not entered, never rise, even if the heavy rain between heaven and earth is boundless now, holding to on bended knees euqally.

"This boy can not die in us ancestor the door enters the mouth, be here to death after all is not quite good-looking, do I go to otherwise does ask for instructions issue ancient senior fellow apprentice? Do I go to otherwise does ask for instructions issue ancient senior fellow apprentice??


Low two form after scolding are opposite again inspect, lofty youth just couldn't help turning over a supercilious look, he cannot understand the teenager outside really.

These two years of time, teenager Jiangshou is already recumbent a pair of legs are pedestrian wade thousands of lis, walk along Campagna of countless mountains and rivers-land, attended 449 a door grand ceremony receiving sentence, sex of every time heart is assessed can pass a barrier, however every time because aptitude is too poor by close the door on, should pig brain also understand he is Xiu Wu's makings far from thoroughly? Is this boy still holding to all the time unexpectedly?

More because of this yuan big ancestor responsible assessment waves that Xue Feng senior fellow apprentice plays joke one sentence, all the time is genuflect outside the hall?

Person clumsy arrives pace of this cultivate land, did not save!

In the quarrelling sound lofty lad body easily, the emerge in large numbers outside body ray of a cyan, protecting garment unlined upper garment to disappear inside the hall, go straight towards Xiang Dayuan continuously ancestor in-house.

In this need miss the opportunity, genuflect is in the Jiang Shoucai on stage of the stone outside the hall in body thrill, cannot help with respect to the mouth to the respect inside the hall, "Thank two elder. "Thank two elder..

"Idiocy! " thin be like a youth to turning over supercilious look to leave however scold.

Time flash, about the same momently much hind, in audience hall the ability in act of another passageway rain gallops again come two form, the blueness outside one human body surrounds solely, it is blaze rises however outside another human body, waited for bring up the rear the form that that blaze rises color of ability astringent fire, show an one young face that Zhang Junxiu flies upwards, more the trend river with one weird face defends seat.

"Are you still in actually? "Are you still in actually??

"Ancient elder? Beg ancient elder bestow favours! " Jiang Shou this ability great rejoicing.

Yuan big ancestor when receiving sentence sufficient before having on 10 thousand boys, will do obeisance to hill, cent of the person that do obeisance to hill is entered into more than 10 batches inside assessment, of responsible assessment also have a lot of, and the Gu Lieyang before is in charge of Jiang Shouna just about a batch, also be the other side is when request of Jiang Shoukai mouth, laughing to say to want him to show sincerity to be able to break rules only.

"... " Gu Lieyang expression one sluggish, after that with respect to Homeric laughter, "You was this fool taken seriously unexpectedly? I say with respect to blurt out, are you here really genuflect so long? You... with a ha breath out haing ~ "

In wanton big laugh, the collywobbles that Gu Lieyang within an inch of laughs at.

Calculate with his identity break rules receive child of a factotum to also do not calculate a thing into hill, but the waste material that he collects how possibly to be rejected by 449 doors? Does the other side become yuan big ancestor where be? Big Yuan Zongke is to hope Shan Jun tastes a house in the door, not be trash asylum!

He is one play says blurt out whatever comes into one's head only at the outset, amuse those who amuse this fool.

"... "

In Gu Lieyang yock, surprizing Jiang Shoucai suddenly one sluggish, the face with a piece of white chilly views Xiang Gulie this world continuously continuously, it is completely in the eye cannot the expression of believe, "Ancient elder? "Ancient elder??

"Your this fellow still makes a person accident really, it is the accident letting a person of clumsy nevertheless, boil quickly! " Gu Lieyang however complexion changes, before before sneering to step one pace arrives at Jiang Shoushen, one foot is extended, rumble carries of Peng returns genuflect to be over there Jiang Shou with respect to kick backward drop.

flop, below boundless heavy rain, hundreds rank the dressed in rage Jiang Shou on stone rank murmurs verbose boils like enigma, the body that trembles stiff in the process also is bumped ceaselessly it is on stone rank, after a few breath, he just is biting a tooth to bend over to fall in the foot of a hill to death to death, of knock head broken and bleeding a bloody nose and a swollen face, it is dirt of all over the body more.

Was made fun of really? ! Was made fun of really!

He dare not believe the character that stands high above the masses in that way really, can make fun of him unexpectedly a such low-down small parts, but the Jiang Shou after be being made fun of is most is not indignant, feel distressed however, rip a heart to crack lobar pain.

Open a body with double arm constrainedly, because of him double leg is in genuflect all consciousness were lost already after 3 days of 3 night, open a the upper part of the body with the arm, rainwater is mixing hematic water to slide from the top of head, ambiguous and whole view, jiang Shoucai is sucked greatly at a heat, carry a fist to strike at the ground heavily suddenly!

Phut ground, right fist the back of hand attacks the skin is torn and the flash gap open that be bungled, jiang Shoucai is hoarse sound, "Grant instruction of many thanks ancient elder, jiang Shoulai day is sure return! Jiang Shoulai day is sure return!!

Fleshy body is aching everywhere, but this is far however not as good as he feels distressed, because the other side gave him a hope, in him soon hopeful bring into contact with the world of Wu Zheyun collect, hopeful find the method that goes helping father, in him the bottom of the heart also is expecting excited when, be being informed this however is a fun.

This momently even if Jiang Shoujing all previous passes again eventful, also depress hard again!

He does not mind to be made fun of, do not mind a person to kick even dozen abuse, also have before after all go certain ancestor when the door is assessed, firm newspaper gives the person that those check the name because of him " reputation is outer " , one foot walks along his kick, he is used to this kind of thing already, but the other side tramples at will however the hope that dallies with him to help father, he is borne really no less than!

"Favour? "Favour??

Accompanying hoarse low growl, the Gu Lieyang of stone rank upper part talent is small well, shua Shua a few arrived with respect to footfall below the foot of a hill, the red outside a suit black gown rolls, heavy rain is stood by what be evaporated directly is abreaction, gu Lieyang so the frown in standing in rain saw Jiang Shouji eye, ability corners of the mouth is smoked, what meaning?

" by you? You match genuflect to be before me only forever fawn just, and as long as I am fond of, can take your dog lot at any time! Do not believe? Capable that your preexistence stands up to say again before me! " whipped next corners of the mouth, gu Lieyang just sneers look.

Jiang Shou of the lower part in sneering is maintaining the ground to be about to rise with both hands however.

Even if the right hand of the skin is torn and the flash gap open is maintained in the ground, ache let him have feeling of kind of be frightened out of one's wits, but he still is biting a tooth to open a the upper part of the body.

Issueing one check regrettablly only is flop, jiang Shouyou falls heavily be bungled in the ground, he double leg does not have a bit consciousness really at the moment!

Again the dazed head of knock goes up, jiang Shouyou is sucked greatly at a heat, maintain ground do all one can to rise with both hands.

"Flop ~ "

"Flop ~ "

... ...

Struggle second but fall, double leg does not have consciousness, the upper part of the body is same everywhere hot-blooded crosscurrent, but the Jiang Shou in heavy rain ever never had to shake however, never ever one abandons, just biting a tooth to try.

Hematic water mixes rainwater to slide from the face, he also does not know that still has tear, he knows he wants to stand up only! !

"Flop ~ "

"Flop ~ "


Again second in the knock on bluestone road a bloody nose and a swollen face, those who ache is penetrative, but Jiang Shou is trying all the time however, even if feel cerebrum is dizzier and dizzier, was about to lose consciousness.