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Sail of pace of fool of the 0001st chapter, have female 1000 foam! !

Reaching the sky of flames of war goes against divine fierce, 10 years conscript flesh and blood leaves;

Chaos of demon bewitching pretty runs amuck, join gown of my a group of things with common features destroys my home.

Man keep in mind is in battlefield, blood asperses battlefield 3000 lis;

Do not put to death bewitching pretty not return to native place, eternal demon does not put in the home 's charge.

World of laborious of remote antiquity secret goes, reach the same goal by different routes 3000;

Need day of emersion of my god music, massacre your demon 100 thousand worlds! !

Do not unite god, not fierce -- -- -- without warm blood, be not mad apprentice! ! !

Divine fierce mainland, fierce path be current.

Overmatch is proud world, the weak is mediocre and unambitious.

Wu Daoyi road, exuviate altogethers 5 change, wirh fixed attention 3 conditions, enter Zhou Tian, the fierce that amount to a god... be like boat of travel of against the current, do not enter retreat. The person that build military gets good luck of heaven and earth, steal essence of heaven and earth yuan, body of flesh of temper by dipping in water, soul of wirh fixed attention, powerful fierce person but ground of flying Apsaras escape,

Day waste city, castellan government office.

Ring down the curtain as last monsoon, day waste city greeted a summer again.

Appreciably has some of hot and dry weather, the dweller of the great majority inside made day waste wall is drowsy, the guard that joins castellan government office also is downhearted, only alone Xie Bufan is mental vigorous however, as if not to know forever tired and general.

There is a luxuriant dress on his body, the figure is gaunt, have delicate features, although not be especially other and brilliant, also be outline however trenchant, and he that pair of fancy-free double eyes also are conspicuous all the more, clear, consistent Wang Qingquan, be without foreign matter, taking however a tiny bit of slow.

He is Xie Jiada little, also be day waste nobody do not know nobody inside the city not the fool of dawn.

Right now, xie Bufan wanders ramshackly alone in backyard of castellan government office, he ases if what searching general, crazy crazy foolish foolish eye 4 look around, on the mouth from time to time twittering wears: "Baby, baby... "

Before long hind, xie Bufan pushed a door, walked into a Fangshe in.

... ... ...

In the curtain that the fine gauze winds around, water mist diffuses, copy is like place oneself elfland. One is being put in mist of this one water sufficient have half person's tall bath bucket, luo Qianmei is like the body of jade to had been done not have by clear water dip like ice in bath bucket, mask it is under that one leaf, show a head only.

Meticulous and pitch-black long hair is rinsed soak already, show soft beauty slightly.

The pupil with one bright macle, bright and clean and clear, can is like numerous star, bend curved Liu Mei, grow long eyelash to vibrating slightly, bai Xi's immaculate skin gives weak reddish pink fully, thin thin double lip if rose valve is delicate be about to drip, be in to small dimple distributings equably cheek two side.

At the moment, luo Qianmei ases if the lively demon in water, the arm from time to time like two tender lotus root is extended from inside water, take euphonic underwater acoustic.

Drip splash down, be like numerous star of all over the sky, glittering and translucent bright.

It seems that very the feeling that enjoys this kind of bath, luo Qianmei cannot refrain from hum had ditty, it is shallow laugh, if show,dimple is like concealed in the cheek, attractive be like a beauty. Between the frown and smile, high expression is revealed more naturally, let a person must exclaim the ray at her elegant clever show.

Regard violet cloud as Caesarean 7 princesses, luo Qianmei not only having celebrated capacity, extremely beautiful appearance, and she or a fierce with extreme endowment person, she 15 years old had reached the height that a lot of people cannot reach all one's life- - exuviate altogethers, the 3rd change.

Wu Daoyi road, exuviate altogethers 5 change, wirh fixed attention 3 conditions.

5 change: Bone of refine skin, forge, wash pith, easy veins that stand out, refine dirty.

Exuviate altogethers the 3rd changing is ' wash pith ' , the person of 15 years old that wash pith condition fierce, nevering mention it is day waste city, even if be whole,also be little in the empire little.

Luo Qianmei is the arrogant daughter of the day of be worthy of absolutely.

"Ah, a moment ago came back to seem to forgot wet nurse following laurel to say. " abrupt, luo Qianmei eye is blinked, say a tongue, exclamation, melting sound instant rings, the smile like the angel on the face also is the instant caky. Toot is worn small mouth, luo Qianmei is to complain: "This weather, this ability just June, be in previously the Supreme Being when also do not have so hot ah. Be in previously the Supreme Being when also do not have so hot ah..

"Strange father emperor must I come here. "Strange father emperor must I come here..

"Hum, after still having a parent. After still having a parent..

"Calculated, still say with laurel wet nurse first, or laurel wet nurse this are anxious. Or laurel wet nurse this are anxious..

' clang! ! '

Those who do not have a bit is hesitant, luo Qianmei instant from bath stood in the bucket, take underwater acoustic. She is the head in the future is admired, 3000 beautiful hair are like soggy silk, in sky the picture gives a water mark, hang down hang at buttock, an an ice flower is splashed in water.

Faint sunshine is appearing illuminate of account of fine gauze curtain to come in, if sweet shoulder of the girl has been stroked like golden silk, stroke became weak the water mist that hover is beside the girl. In the meantime, on girl body, drip containing aglimmer sunshine, slide from the skin that is like fat.

Luo Qianmei is become even if from bath went in the bucket, twist lumbar branch gently, go towards the frame work that putting the clothes then aside, stay after one's death all the way water mark.

' bang Da ' ' bang Da ' ...

A footstep rings suddenly inside house, by prep as far as close.

Luo Qianmei not by be stupefied.

"Laurel wet nurse? "Laurel wet nurse??

Clear eye is showing curtain account, looking at the way that footstep transmits, of Luo Qianmei doubt ask.

' bang Da ' ' bang Da ' ...

Answer Luo Qianmei without the person however, some is that only as always footstep.

Luo Qianmei heart not by one Jing.

"Laurel wet nurse, be you? Be you??

Look at that curtain account besides hazy people, luo Qianmei is exploring to ask again.

Still be nobody answer.

' brush! ! '

Abrupt, account of fine gauze curtain by the person an avulsion.

Then Zhang Junlang's face wears Xie Bufan to appear in Luo Qianmei's line of sight for an instant.

Fool, princess, be inspected and look.

Atmosphere, one deathlies stillness.

"Elder sister, is laurel wet nurse delicious? Is there sweet-scented osmanthus cake delicious? " Xie Bufan looks at the Luo Qianmei with bare whole body gawkishly to ask, in the eyes besides delicious to that ' laurel wet nurse ' besides curiosity and longing, do not have again it seems that other any peculiar.

"Is laurel wet nurse delicious? Is there sweet-scented osmanthus cake delicious? " Luo Qianmei is opened big the eye looks at Xie Bufan, more ceaseless resound is worn in brain that one words of Xie Bufan, for a short while Luo Qianmei is asked actually, know how to should answer Xie Bufan far from, even she had forgotten fall on him whole body at the moment stark-naked.

" sneer -- "

After moment, luo Qianmei cannot help eventually, little hand is covering the mouth laughed.

Laurel wet nurse and sweet-scented osmanthus cake which delicious?

Luo Qianmei pledges, this is the jest that the best laugh best laugh that what she arrives to be heard greatly as a child absolutely.

"Elder sister, you laugh really good-looking. " crazy look at Luo Qianmei dully, xie Bufan say. Must say, luo Qianmei is very beautiful really, the beautiful Bu Fan that connect a leaf this fool cannot help praising she.

"Thank! ! !!

Luo Qianmei laughs slightly.

Although she is beautiful, however never present so straight white praise crosses her. By Xie Bufan so say, on Luo Qianmei face not by emerge had a light bright red.

"Elder sister, why don't you wear the dress? Is weather too hot? " be in however at this moment, xie Bufan's curious eyes is looking Luo Qianmei up and down up and down, crooked head, special indissoluble ask. Immediately, xie Bufan is to examine minutely: "Was opposite elder sister, do you have the baby that sees me? Do you have the baby that sees me??

' bang! ! '

A word, the body of fruit of Luo Qianmei bare not by quiver, with a bang support like 5 thunder general, smile instant is caky. So that second half of foliaceous pace sail sentence the word was disregarded directly by her, what she does not have a bit is hesitant, lowered his head instinctively to see oneself.

A shining white...

Flashy, luo Qianmei complexion pale.

Why to wear the dress?

Oneself just bathe, return what did not come to reach wear.

"Ah- - "

Instantly, the scream of tall decibel rings from inside Luo Qianmei's mouth.

' brush! ! '

Instant of Luo Qianmei both hands covered hare of that one dialogue before him bosom.

Bashful, nervous, fear.

She actually...

"Elder sister, you how? " see Luo Qianmei ' abnormal ' reaction, xie Bufan is to cannot help asking curiously however. Immediately, xie Bufan is to show Luo Qianmei waist issues that one to only the pours trigonometry ground of tuft black wood asks: "Elder sister, why to mix here am I different ah? Why to mix here am I different ah??

Luo Qianmei indicates down Xie Bufan, lower his head instinctively to look, close region of that one illicit all is shown at the moment.

"Ah -- "

It is the shriek of tall decibel, what Luo Qianmei does not have a bit more is hesitant, the instant vacated a hand to hold off that one bashful illicit close region.


Xie Bufan is to had looked however to the one dialogue hare that Luo Qianmei uses keep out of a hand then, point to, xie Bufan is to ask: "Elder sister, you where are these two steamed stuffed bun buy ah? Very big, very white, it is good to eat to me? It is good to eat to me??

"Be scampish! ! !!

Bashful in, luo Qianmei has answered a god eventually, natural one palm is patted directly to Xie Bufan.

' bang! ! '

Ringing acoustical sound rises.

Whole individual of foliaceous pace sail is instantaneous inverted flight go out.

Although Luo Qianmei is a girl of 16 years old only, but she has been an exuviate every the 3 person wash pith condition fierce that change, force is striking. And the Everyman that Xie Bufan just does not have Xiu Lian to pass however, luo Qianmei how may this one palm be Xie Bufan can susceptive.

' phut! ! '

Instantly, xie Bufan's body is heavy fall in 3 meters besides.

' sneer... '

The liquid with a red raw meat or fish from foliaceous pace Fankouzhong is ejective.

"Ni Ma, assistant of this girl film is really special still... firm! ! " in Xie Bufan heart not by think of, whole head is to as if more disintegrate general, the aching instant that rips a heart to crack lung takes the whole body. Immediately, neck of foliaceous pace sail one crooked, whole person also was to faint directly...

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