The first chapter returns

River city, the world one of 19 cities, overlook lake of the Near East, churchyard is much lakier.

River city churchyard, an Lingjun city.

Town of wide approach county on the west on the scene building main street of the city, if the pedestrian is knitted, flourishing and lively.

"6 years. " there is one handle sword between waist of a commoners youth, pulling Ma Hang to go in the street to, "Came back eventually, wait for outside long, still feel native place is good. Still feel native place is good..

Da! Da! Da!

Clop urgent, far is having teenager of one China garment to riding one tall head old horse to gallop on the road in busy street, for a short while the market goes on the road people avoids get out of the way comes at once, that still is having servant at the back of equestrian teenager bodyguard is equestrian chasing after at the back: "Childe, bit slower, bit slower. Bit slower..

Commoners youth sees this act, pulling avoid on the side of Ma Chao let fall, visual Na Huayi's teenager is equestrian and over- .

"Which boy, right also, I leave home 6 years, 6 years ago, this bub is afraid of ability 78 years old. " commoners youth laughs, continue to advance again.

Look at familiar home town, return the faker of some understanding even.

"6 years, when leaving home at the outset I ability is 15 years old, I present and compare at the outset, change is too big. " commoners youth sighs with emotion.

When 15 years old, high-spirited and vigorous, make a showy display of one's abilities!

Be known as An Lingjun young generation the first person.

Leave home however itinerary the world, come down 6 years, he just feels to become first oneself how puerile.


Walk all the way, look at familiar shop wine shop, familiar wadi stone bridge.

Eventually, pulling a horse, outside coming to a mansion.

Close country situation more cowardly, commoners youth is pulling a horse, suck greatly before just going up at a heat, dong Dong Dong, beat an entrance door noisy.


The gate opens to seam, body of the smell outside face of one old man saw an eye, accordingly with respect to pop eye: "2 childe! " the commoners of young all over the body before, everyday, but he is to look at 2 childe ' Qin Yun ' grown, one recognize.

"Li Bai. " Qin Yun laugh is worn.

"2 childe came back, 2 childe came back! " plum the old man shouts excitedly, sound resounds through whole mansion house, he pulls open even rumble grand gate of door of whole seat of government.

"Give me to me, I will pull a horse. " plum old man join passes gag rein.

"The cloud, the cloud. " inside whole mansion house roaring, flying rush out of comes to the middleaged woman with a showily dress, after one's death more know exactly about sth servant girl follows repeatedly, see the Qin Yun that government office door is in, middleaged woman's excited tear is unable to bear or endure.

"Woman. "Woman..

Qin Yun also is an eye one acid, run over repeatedly.

Middleaged woman looks at him son carefully, touching the son's arm, face: "Good, good, it is good to come back, it is good to come back, hum, long tall. Long tall..

"2 childe, she did not know the madam to shed how many tear for you, daily it is blessing of pray of your recite scriptures before Bodhisattva. " aside female be in charge is connected.

"Be disobedient, just come back nowadays. " Qin Yun also looks at a mother, on maternal head some more also white hair, the furrow of canthus is much also, not by ache in the heart, imperceptible, the mother is close also 50 years old.

"Did not say, it is good to come back. " in maternal eye although tearful, it is happy tear however, bade repeatedly, "Fast, go telling bureaucrat rapidly, still have old son of a feudal prince or high official. Still have old son of a feudal prince or high official..

"Yes. "Yes..

Female be in charge is arranged instantly.


Whole Qin Fu festival, very fast Qin Fu is master ' Qin Liehu ' came back.

"Lord. "Lord..

"Lord. " the lackey inside mansion slaves girl people salute even respect, smile just is between their each forehead, 2 childe come back, lackey slaves girl people happy also.

Alone brachial man nods slightly, he double eye is like report, there is one handle single-broadsword event between the waist, the aeriform coercion that send out lets those lackey slave girl people respectfully, the host that he is government office of this the Qin Dynasty ' Qin Liehu ' , the 3 large silver-colored orders that also are town of wide approach county catch one of heads.

"Dad. " Qin Yun and maternal Chang Lan come out to receive.

"The cloud. " alone brachial man ' Qin Liehu ' the son that sees oneself, also do not heat up by the eye, some are wet.

mother of travel a thousand li worries, although father does not say on the mouth, satisfying in same hour worries concern. Although know the future for the son, put a son to go out to enter with respect to this swing, still can be be very worried about.

He is afraid of, be afraid that the son is not answered.

Because this the world is wide, remote mountains is big lustre more has monster to hide, outer enter swing to also be full of hardships and dangers.

"It is good to come back, it is good to come back. " Qin Liehu looks at him son, and at the outset photograph of make a showy display of one's abilities is compared, the son matured apparently nowadays, breath is convergent also.

"Breakthrough? " Qin Liehu asks, he is very clear him son Xiu Lian is the Xiuxian method in fokelore, wanting cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine to have is what kind is difficult.

"Two years half before of the breakthrough. " say of Qin Yun smile.

Eye of tiger of intense of the Qin Dynasty shines, this one breakthrough is door of fish dive dragon really.

"Well good, my Qin Liehu has an awful son. " Qin Liehu is excited extremely, this matter drag in is very big, he dare not say with wife Chang Lan even.

"Your father and son two cannot sit down into house say? " maternal Chang Lan.

"Go in first, go in first sit. " Qin Liehu also is connected.


Accompanied parents to talk about moment, hear outside transmit sound.

"2 younger brother, 2 younger brother, 2 younger brother! " old far transmit call, it is happy completely in sound.

"Elder brother. " Qin Yun also rises, "Father mother, I go greeting. I go greeting..

"Go go, you and your elder brother also did not see 6 years. " maternal Chang Lan laughs.

Qin Yun rises repeatedly outside walking out of hall, greet, see the one everybody person that far takes very quickly, a youth of bright and beautiful gown is taking a beautiful charming wife, taking one male one female two child child.

"2 younger brother. " youth of bright and beautiful gown sees Qin Yun, not by excited run repeatedly, one is held in arms.

"Elder brother. " Qin Yun also is entertaining a friend.

He and eldest brother feeling are wonderful, qin Jiahai is in insignificant when, they are grown in the village in one's childhood, more through big cross, oneself are the age is small still at that time somes, eldest brother has been a teenager however at the outset, taking care of oneself everywhere.

"Your this boy, you go is 6 years! Before going, you did not say, with respect to 3 years? Send a letter suddenly, say even outer 3 years? " youth of bright and beautiful gown cannot help, "3 years 3 years, you are really, let a family worry for you. Let a family worry for you..

"It is my fault. " Qin Yun is connected, "Had seen elder brother's wife! Elder brother, these two bub say in your letter namely ' Shu Yan ' and ' Shu Bing ' ? Good nephew, good brother's daughter, long Zhen Jun. " the little face that saying to still hold two child child, offend so that these two children frighten so that hold parental ham in arms.

"You two still do not pay a formal visit rapidly uncle, do not be afraid of, what be afraid of, this is your uncle, cry quickly. " youth of bright and beautiful gown is connected.

"Uncle. "Uncle..

Two children about is 34 years old, a little muddled still muddled understands.

"Well, I this has two amulet, but close-fitting carry, had closed. " the Qin Dynasty that has preparation early takes out two bright and beautiful bag in Yun Conghuai, take out two jade a surname from which, jade accord with connects body to warm white, go up to still complex Fu Wen is carved, looked to feel calm is comfortable uncontrollably.

Youth of bright and beautiful gown ' Qin An ' vision is not common also, look with respect to dope out accord with of these two jade is not general: "2 younger brother, too precious. Too precious..

"Close-fitting belt is worn, good to the child. " say of cloud of the Qin Dynasty.


That day midday, qin Jiayi big family gathers eating lunch, lunch is very big, servant girl people very happy also end wears a dish dish dish sends, qin Fu is right next people still are very beneficent and clement.

Qin Yun is very happy be together with family of parents, elder brother, feeling of this kind of happy reunion is him very those who enjoy.

"Adult, adult. Adult..

After lunch passes, outside one catchs a head to come to hall, cry loudly.

The everybody inside hall listens.

"Now the cloud come back, cannot go to bed a day? " madam Chang Lan has some of dissatisfaction to.

"Madam, I and go asking first. " Qin Liehu is connected, rise instantly go outside face.

The Zhuang Hanshen catching a head outside is tall 8 feet, the tiger carries ursine waist on the back, holding brawny big iron rod, range estimation also has about a hundred jins to weigh, be afraid of is brandish rises to with a bang can break easily a wall, he is darling however at the moment awaiting outside.

"Laoxu, what thing? " before Qin Liehu goes close, ability depress sound asks. He is early now baded, do not have an important matter not to disturb him, the son that leaves home 6 years after all just came back.

"Adult, I also do not disturb adult presumably, but county defends adult to bade personally, let you be sure to go, have important thing, be afraid these 9 days do not have a law to come home. " Xu catchs a head to be connected.

"Does county defend adult? 9 days? " Qin Liehu brows is knitted.

County is defended, authority of stratocracy of whole An Lingjun at a suit, because have demon disaster random one party, county defends the right that there is 7 to taste the following act first and report afterwards more below adult emergency. Who don't have to dare provoke county to defend the authority of adult in An Lingjun.

Qin Liehu answered hall repeatedly inside.

"County defends adult occupied bade I go, be afraid of this 9 days to want outer. " Qin Liehu drapes appearance, will aside short-hilted broadsword is hanged between the waist.

"Bit more careful. " madam Chang Lan even entrust.

"I go sending send father. " Qin Yun rises repeatedly.

"What to send, you go back to accompany your woman well they. " Qin Liehu and him son go outside face at the same time, at the same time say.

"2 childe, did not see 6 years, crotchet of 2 childe. " aside Xu catchs a head to laugh ah breathe out.

"Xu Shu, stick of fire of your this wind is big circuit, look solid muscularity is entered. " say of cloud of the Qin Dynasty.

"Not worth to be carried, not worth to be carried. " Xu catchs a head to be connected.

Become city of wide approach county when 15 years old young generation before the Qin Yun of the first person, xu catchs head nature condescending.

"Dad, 9 days cannot come back, what major issue is there? Need me to help? " Qin Yun enquires.

Shoot a glance at of tiger of intense of the Qin Dynasty him son, laugh: "Be at ease, inside town of wide approach county, feudal official just is the strongest! Feudal official just is the strongest!!

"Hum. " Qin Yun nods.

Send father to government office doorway.

Outside the door have ready horse early, father and Xu catch a head to part equestrian gallop and go.

Qin Yun looks at father to leave, move style however inside true yuan begin magic arts of put to good use.

"Law eye, leave! Leave!!

In double eye pupil of Qin Yun, it is to way lines condenses however. The surface does not look to give any change, can be in double eye of Qin Yun, world went however!

Still leave midday time originally, the sun is hanged high, can watch in double eye of Qin Yun at the moment below, the sky is to diffusing endless cyan breath, the father on far courser ' Qin Liehu ' there is breath to twine on the body, have weak pink breath, bottle green breath, sanguine flavor... fully 6 kinds of breath, but avery kind of is very faint, be afraid of meet as time final and abreaction.

"Father catchs one of heads as 3 large silver-colored orders, now and then monster of bring into contact with, be infected with on trifling bewitching energy of life is very normal also. " Yun Xinzhong of the Qin Dynasty is relaxed also, these evil spirit just are infected with body to express, have not penetrates body interior, do not have any hidden trouble.

Qin Yun turns go inside head government government office.

His law eye is being maintained, watch below, the mankind is sending out the person's breath, tree of flowers and plants also has respective flavor, the people of everythings on earth all has respective flavor, smell loses by force differ, in law at present everything does not have place escape form.

Talk life breath inside oneself government office of course, do not calculate oneself, father should is the first! The life breath of these servant girl lackey is relatively much weaker.

"The cloud, come, leave your dad alone, your dad often should do difference. " Chang Lan of the mother inside hall urges.

Qin Yunchao looks inside hall.

Law eye is watched below, each breath is shown inside hall.

The smell that mother, elder brother's wife includes nephew brother's daughter is very normal, the breath that is him eldest brother only...

"Hum? " the one Jing in heart of cloud of the Qin Dynasty.

The eldest brother that sees gown of a suit bright and beautiful only ' Qin An ' breath is frailer however, and still have a full-bodied evil green flavor permeate into Qin An inside body, and life breath of He Qinan is handed in completely tangle together.

"Bewitching is angry! Very thick bewitching is angry, already thorough internal organs of the body skinning texture. With my elder brother pestering is by no means two, the life breath of my elder brother is very frail, again so go down to be not concealed, can get a severe disease directly died personally! " heart of cloud of the Qin Dynasty is trembling, spunk of have one's bosom filled with and kill machine, "Who be after all, does to me elder brother issue such murderous scheme? Does to me elder brother issue such murderous scheme??

In heart of cloud of the Qin Dynasty Jing anger, fear after the event!

Because if oneself are late,come back half an year, be afraid also do not see eldest brother again.