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Renascence of Ares of the first chapter

"Cannot think of, my Nie Tian unexpectedly renascence! " in the room, nie day body is acuteness and asp, what there is a depression in the eyes is indignant.

In his heart, a situation full of danger, associate with a variety of gallop in brain and pass.

Nie Tian is day group originally the first Ares, morning faints territory of divine region most is he is hit single-handed.

Illustrious prestige, awe god region!

To seal the unique meritorious military service that enjoys him, morning faints great emperor betroth of princess of violet smoke of a beloved daughter at him.

Luo Zi smoke, morning faints divine region the first belle, elegant demeanour is unique, extremely beautiful.

Deserve to go up Nie Tian this day of bound the first Ares, can weighs created by nature.

But how does Nie Tian also want to be less than, violet smoke of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces can be in unexpectedly the night of bridal chamber moves to him.

Formidable day group the first Ares, die on the hand of fiancee unexpectedly, return the night that dies in bridal chamber, it is extremely big jest really!

"Why does she kill me? is hearsay true? Morning faints greatly betroth of smoke of Luo Zi of general of the Supreme Being at me, it is a plot originally, it is to want to kill me. " cold of approach of Nie day eyes, a situation full of danger in the heart.

Result tall shake advocate, all through the ages is big fear of official in feudal times.

Nie day prestige faints in morning divine region, yuan Shengchen faints great emperor, latter wants to kill him, also be in reason. "Good a morning faints great emperor, good smoke of a Luo Zi, your father the heart of female good firm! My Nie Tian Weichen faints divine region makes big next territory, more inspect Luo Zi smoke to be lifetime true love, did not think of to die on your father female hand unexpectedly finally. " crimson of Nie Tianshuang eye, complete

The body is asp.

A long time, nie day in a way is calm, the flash in the eye a essence awn, abrupt guffaw: " ! Since God invites bout of renascence of my Nie day, or else of my Nie day does the official of the highness of others. Or else of my Nie day does the official of the highness of others..

"This generation, I should create my world! I should create my world!!

"This generation, I should become eternally day emperor! I should become eternally day emperor!!

"This generation, I want territory of spirit of dictate day group! I want territory of spirit of dictate day group!!

Brave words, awaken the deaf, nie Tian rectifies individual make a showy display of one's abilities, seem goes out scabbard benefit sword!

Renascence, nie day confidence is full, but this pair of body that sees oneself when him, it is forced smile however, from ridicule path: "This pair of present body, really a few weaker. Really a few weaker..

Die in hand of Luo Zi smoke, nie Tian awakes again, already was hundred years later.

His incorporeal renascence is in already on the lad body of die in one's bed. Of coincidence is, this teenager also calls Nie Tian.

Right now Nie Tian, it is Mo Yang city 3 everybody a group of things with common features one of Nie Jia's homes advocate.

But he this home advocate, in familial in be inferior to even a creditable servent however.

Be in even him the room to death, nobody knows.

Investigate its reason, because he is,be yuan of disabled person that arteries and veins all destroys.

3 years ago, nie Tian or Chinese ink in relief city the first talent, year only 13 years old, actual strength achieves yuan of arteries and veins ninefold, can weighs person or event associated with evil or misfortune. But a day 3 years ago, nietian and father and many clansman enter the mountain range that crack the cloud, undertake all previous drills, encounter a flock of black clothes people however ambush, result father and clansman are killed entirely, have Nie Tian only one person risk one's life escapes, but however yuan arteries and veins all is destroyed, into

disabled person.

After father is dead, his succession home advocate. But in everyone eye, he this home advocate, fart is not.

Yuan arteries and veins all is destroyed, nie Tian begins abandonment, abandon oneself to vice, everyday drink down, shed the ground of the month that connect wind.

Be in yesterday, he by Mo Yang city 3 everybody a group of things with common features one of cling to eldest son Ba Ziyang of the home, hit so that weigh an injury to faint.

Carry after answering Nie Fu, this morning with respect to die. This also gave Ares Nie day to add the opportunity of the body.

"Yuan is arteries and veins all destroyed? " Nie day in a way is calm, begin to examine oneself new body.

"Be poisonous! " yuan of arteries and veins is inspected inside Nie Tian, stunned discovery, yuan of his arteries and veins besides injury serious besides, still appear actually corrupt black color.

"I am by kill with poison! " a piece of face appears in Nie day brain, nie Jiada deacon, nie San is connected.

During Nie Tian gets hurt, only Nie has seen him 3 times, take to him issued " restore the condition of an injury " solid Yuan Dan.

"Good a Nie San is connected, it is home of be covetous on surely advocate, plot a murder at me. " Nie Tian understood immediately, emerge in Shuang Tong a awe-inspiring cold light.

"Hum? " Nie Tian continues inside inspect the body, complexion Shua ground changes, frightened: "Stars original rock! Follow my renascence unexpectedly! Follow my renascence unexpectedly!!

"Advocate, the overall situation is bad! " be in this moment, form seizes the door and enter together, alarmed cry.

"A Niu, what job to produce? " Nie Tian looks at bearer, light ask.

A Niu, nie Tian's footman, also be whole Nie Jiawei one one one or two he is n/COL the head of a family advocate person.

"Advocate, cling to, cling to domestic person will force marriage! " panting, a Niu anxious say.

"Cling to! " Nie Tianwei small frown, remembering his is by cling to Ba Ziyang of domestic eldest son is mauled, complexion becomes cloudy immediately rise.

Cling to, with Home Nie, chinese ink in relief city 3 everybody a group of things with common features one of.

Nevertheless since the Nie Tian 3 years ago after father is dead, nie Jia's prestige is inferior to one day one day, arrived now, had been edifice general bend.

because such, cling to Ba Ziyang of domestic eldest son just dare Nie Tian this Ba Jiajia advocate hit so that weigh an injury to faint.

"A Niu, you are not anxious, force marriage how be to return a responsibility after all? " Nie Tian is unflappable, instead ponder laughs.

A Niu was stupefied, one face anticly looks at Nie Tian.

This or home advocate? How so calm?

Day of Nie of A Niu faint feeling went, and different before, do not say where to give again however different.

"Say quickly. " Nie Tian sees A Niu be in a daze, urge.

"Hey! Yes! " A ox response comes, rapidly say: "Cling to domestic chamberlain is being taken cling to domestic big boy comes with 3 childes our you home talked about a marriage, and be talk about a marriage to the gifteddest 9 young ladies. And be talk about a marriage to the gifteddest 9 young ladies..

"9 younger sister! " emerge in Nie day brain carve of one Zhang Fendiao jade, clever and lovely cheek.

Nie Jia is everybody a group of things with common features, population is much, between compeer, press age sort directly.

9 younger sister, it is age of Home Nie young generation the girl of the 9th.

"9 younger sister seem to call Nie Yu soft. " Nie Tian remembers, see 9 younger sister last, still be in 3 years before, the Nie Yu in those days is soft still be a girl of 6 years old.

Want to come now, also should have 9 years old.

"9 years old? ! " Nie day cry in fear.

Who can talk about a marriage to a little girl of 9 years old?

"Cling to to who does the home talk about a marriage? " Nie day complexion sinks, eyes thrill through a firm is hot.

Talk about a marriage to a child of 9 years old, cling to domestic person simply frenzied.

It is to maul Nie Tian first, come to force again next marriage, cling to domestic person is aggressive reachs grandmother home really.

"Ba Zixing of Childe Ba Jiasan. " A Niu replies.

"Ba Zixing! " Nie day complexion is more cloudy, heavy track: "If I was not misremembered, ba Zixing is a fool. Ba Zixing is a fool..

"Hum. " A Niu looks at Nie Tian, pharynx buccal water, nod heavily.

Nie Tian was not misremembered really, ba Zixing is a fool really, and still be he is hit with one's own hands foolish.

The Nie Tian 3 years ago, limelight strong, fierce of Chinese ink in relief city is met over, ba Zixing is ill-affected, challenge to him, the result is hit into fool.

For this matter, home Nie and cling to blood spells domestic all but.

Now, cling to household replaces Ba Zixing like that Xiang Nieyu is soft talk about a marriage, it is to bully Home Nie situation to lose apparently, want the disgrace before anouncing.

Nie Yu is soft it is talent of Nie Jiaxin generation, just 9 years old, had been yuan of arteries and veins fourfold, endowment is chased after continuously in those days Nie Tian.

If Nie Yu is soft,married Ba Zixing, nie Jia can reduce the laughing stock of Mo Yang city absolutely, and still will lose talent of a junior.

"Be no good! Cannot let this kind of thing happening absolutely! " one face respectful kills Nie Tian, low growl: "Act as a guide, I should go to discuss official business is big! " " the shit on the head in me, still be in charge of me to want paper. Cling to, I should let the excrement that you pull yourselves today, eat go back! " in Nie Tianxin, overbearing howl.