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Of the first Zhang Zhu summer die

Wang Chong knows this is oneself in this world's ultimate fate!

"Exterminate Di Zhi has gentleman, not was like Zhu Xia die " , this is the sentence on human relations language. Wang Chong never has had thought, in this distant universe is spatio-temporal, "Zhu Xia " meet really unexpectedly " ruined " !

And the person be witnessed finally that oneself are this one act!

The sky is burning, the earth is trembling, vast dead body becomes Shan Chenghai, effluent blood collects Cheng Jianghe. Wang Chong can see earth place be in even, the strong dead energy of life that that rises and has, that is number with all procumbent bodies of Xia Zimin of ten million plan!

And far and near, countless different race cavalry are boundless and indistinct be like the sea, slowly surround and come.

Doing not have a person to know these different region cavalry come from where, also nobody knows why they destroy this world ceaselessly, before knowing 10 years only, these different region that are full of powerful death breath all over cavalry without foundation appears. And be in a few years short inside, as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, destroyed all empires!

And whole earth, also appear as what these different region cavalry, the space is queasy, the earth also collapses subsequently, destruction! By tens of thousands withered bone of the people melt into!

And nowadays, what Wang Chong guides is this world's ultimate force!

Be in this " boundless " in the center of, wang Chong guides the earth in the move last main forces of divine continent, awaiting oneself final destiny like duckweed.

Experienced so old grind encourage, wang Chong thinks oneself heart already the enough adamancy of training. But come momently when what this is destined, what do not stop as before in king strong heart is asp rise.

Sadness, anguish and despair emerge the heart comes, not be for oneself however, however for the brother beside oneself, the mind that still this is linked together with him blood arteries and veins continent the final destiny of the earth!

"General, foregone of the follower that ask pardon one pace! Foregone of the follower that ask pardon one pace!!

"Take this one step, not be your fault! General, you had endeavored! You had endeavored!!

"Need not sadness! Brother have this kind of understanding early. We were not lost big the Tang Dynasty face! This life can be mixed general keep sb company, this all one's life, was worth! Was worth!!

"General, let adieu of our second birth! Let adieu of our second birth!!

"The whelp of different race people, come! Let us again battle! Hahaha... "


Had rushed beside when a form with familiar line, give out bright and clear finally yock, as flying moth attacks like fire resolutely and absolutely like that irruptive the main forces of different race boundless on.

"Fastened, I most dear brother. I can get together very quickly with you! I can get together very quickly with you!!

Look at that path form like the broad-leaved epiphyllum as midnight ceaseless message, be shattered by tear eventually in Wang Chong's eye, the tiger looks the tear falls like rain.

Wang Chong is not the soul of this world, in fact, if do not have an accident, he still should be in another spatio-temporal in enjoying sunshine and favour, after the undergraduate that spends him is vivid, make the same score what install in safety to spend lifetime.

However 30 years ago, a mysterious shooting star appears suddenly, what take him into this to go up with Chinese history is medium tract is large the Tang Dynasty some are similar, however disparate world, became 15 years old the door child.

He what just arrive at here, once traitorous, once also hesitated, here feeling and everything is antipathetic, think everything does not have a relation with him.

However catastrophe of a billows day sweeps across the world, those people that love oneself and the person that oneself love one by one gone, wang Chong just wakes up to reality abruptly, produced the heart that act vigorously takes!

Regrettablly, everything is already late.

Be in this world, wang Chong was passed a lot of a lot of. Drift from place to place of more than 10 years, make he lost the chance repairing refine with best life, it is border of last predestined relationship is met only, because his preexistence plays strategic game to accumulate the military affairs that come out to direct ability, the elder that just caused a few empires takes a fancy to him.

All give him him vigour perfusion, make he became catastrophe in, caesarean generalissimo of last military forces, the earth in bear hopes finally.

Regrettablly everything already too late, he has missed too much and too much thing. Although bend does his best, but still failed!

Wang Chong slowly close an eye, the sadness in the heart is clinking.

He does not fear to die, it is he still cannot die only, he still is awaiting. Have a person, if do not kill him, it is death, also cannot let him rest!

He is the culprit of all these! If not be him, the empire is absolutely unapt indigestion lose to be like here pace!

Wang Chong is hated!

Have blood only, ability washs rinse the boundless rancor in his heart!

Just the other side is too tricky, all along not easily appear, also do not give Wang Chong the chance easily. It is this only, appear in this valley with making bait personally when oneself absolutely when, wang Chong knows those who cannot help appearing to he is regular meeting.

He had hidden more than 30 years, but this, when winning thoroughly, he won't hide again absolutely rise!

"Wang Chong, abandon. I had said with king. Want you to agree to surrender only, with respect to forgive you do not die! With respect to forgive you do not die!!

Abrupt, a sound far transmit.

It is after boundless and indistinct different region cavalry, together fat fat, the form of tottering shows half build cautiously, his look is cock-a-hoop, appearing again however dread and awe-stricken.

He is not what coward absolutely, but the day knows that guy opposite side why so fierce, he although at hand military forces is not much, but can kill and wound the decuple, adversary of more than 10 times always however.

He although a few years the military forces of the earth in in control of is short nevertheless, but the different region Trojan that dies on his hand is however in front summation of a few years!

Because if it were not for fears this fellow, he also won't hide so long.

"Traitor! "Traitor!!

Wang Chong looks at that form, the blaze of an animosity is shot in the eye. If not be somebody,give directions, with their act in collusion with each other, these different region cavalry cause so big destruction how possibly inside short time, the place of conquer so much!

And all these is to do obeisance to his place to grant!

"Hey, wang Chong, it is medium that you still are worthy of really the god of earthy strategics! A Wang Jiahun takes the 2 lives that wait dead ancestor can become generalissimo of the world military forces, really mysterious still! In if those old fogey are early,be being carried 30 years you, choose you the successor that becomes them. Or in those days Wang Jia did not fall, perhaps in earth still has an opportunity really! Nevertheless regrettablly, everything is already late! Everything is already late!!

That form is cock-a-hoop:

"Wang Chong, I encourage your word, you are a person that has ability! King had said, want you only can go and seek refuge with sb comes over, can forgive you are not dead! And change you into them a! How, consider a consideration well? Consider a consideration well??

However if was not heard,Wang Chong listens at all.

"Health make friends prominents hill! "Health make friends prominents hill!!

One character called Wang Chong this his name, the eject in eye gives the fury of animosity. Experienced so long, he eventually when this momently. This mean fellow still cannot help eventually appear:

"Follow me one case, for big the Tang Dynasty be buried with the dead! For big the Tang Dynasty be buried with the dead!!

The earth is plangent sound, in the sound of rumble, the aureola with boundless path is shot from the spurt inside put oneself in another's position of Wang Chong gun and go out together, instantly, as if between heaven and earth much round of dazzling sun, perverse so that person eye does not open to come.

"Regressive, be regressive! Be regressive!!


Fierce wind grand, see Wang Chong appears, by tens of thousands different region cavalry explodes the sentiment that utters a panic, as retire of the in the future like tidewater.

"Protective god makes Your Excellency! "Protective god makes Your Excellency!!

Response of overmatch of region of a few different comes, collect health make friends to prominent in succession beside hill, explode the aureola that issues Jing day and Hei Yan, but already late.

Rumble, the ablaze look awn that a your heaven and earth becomes angry for it ases if meteorite is general from celestial fall down, the form among many different region overmatch and them was enveloped between twinking.

"You! "You!!

Listen to one acoustical perversing ear only but short however sad and shrill frightening cry, that is fat the screwy move that fat face is afraid in the flare of billows day, rapid grey flying smoke destroys.

He arrives dead to did not think of, already dead end, arrived this kind of moment, wang Chong still can go all out unexpectedly do his best move to him!

Resentment, struggle, but however enemy that inapproachable nevertheless one gun!

"Succeeded eventually! "Succeeded eventually!!

This momently, wang Chong is having difficult talk feel pleased with and derive comfort from sth!

Father, mother, still have divine continent earth countless the people, you can rest! ...

Dead blow on the face and come, king strong corners of the mouth shows a smile, feel relieved look at countless spear to taking flare to perverse towards him disclose.

Rumble, last instant, wang Chong detonated the pubic region thoroughly, belt the different region of thousands of cavalries all round the move sink into together...

Before hearing the person dies what can pull extremely momently is endless, wanting to be less than is true!

King strong saddened laugh, the clinking however calm in the heart.

So old, can free oneself eventually. Just in the heart, have a kind of deep anguish again however. Between fire of stone of light produced by electricity, wang Chong recalls grandfather, 3 a form of address for a man about one's father's age suddenly again fair, parents, eldest brother, 2 elder brother and cousin they...

If at the outset oneself are done not have so capricious this are much better ah!

If at the outset oneself can wake up to reality in time, come out boldly, with oneself strategics endowment protects this familial, guard this land this are much better ah!

Everything is late nowadays!

All people that love oneself and the person that oneself love, left entirely!

All these oneself once loved greatly, and loving people on one's own side greatly left entirely.

If life can come again, he is absolutely won't again so do. Regrettablly, everything already too late!

Evermore, china earth will make the hunting field that different race cavalries, after chiliad, do not have a person to know, there still is a nation to be called on this world phlogistic yellow, an earth cries big the Tang Dynasty?

The compunction in king strong heart, depressed, still have unwilling.

"Ought not to be such ah! -- "

King strong canthus shed the tear of compunction. If life can come again, can make up for those regrets, oneself are willing to pay all, all!


This thought should flit in king strong brain, in canopy, have thunderbolt roll suddenly. When life of final annihilate momently, at darkness in, wang Chong sees suddenly flourishingly shooting star.

This... be the shooting star that takes oneself to this world at the outset?

[host arousal, energy of the destiny that start! -- ]

Dim in, a mechanical sound, the feeling that does not contain a particle rings in side of Wang Chong side.

"Of the destiny child! He is a destiny child! Fast prevent him! -- "

The sound that cavalry of countless different region frightens is transmitted suddenly in darkness, these do not know to die why the first time of different region the people of content was revealed deep fear and awe-stricken!

But all these Wang Chong does not know however, at the moment one black, wang Chong is immersed in thoroughly sink into!


"Why should call the person that do you pass through? "Why should call the person that do you pass through??

As if one instant, seem spent countless endless centuries, wang Chong is slept lightly by the sound of a curiosity in ear suddenly. That sound if Yuan Re is close, ringing be like Yin Ling, taking pure with puerile flavour.

Drop into lake face like a cobble, instantly Wang Chong's consciousness swung countless dimple.

Who be? Whose sound is this?

Be to if the lamp destroys,say the person is dead? Why can oneself still hear voice? ... be psychedelic?

"Hum! "Hum!!

Think in Wang Chong when, side side transmits suddenly vinegary cold hum, wang Chong has not reacted coming over is how to return a responsibility, go up personally with respect to the feeling by the jab of firm of what thing firm.

It is finger!

Wang Chong reacted instantly come over.

Be incorrect! The person died, the body that where comes?

Say oneself still are done not have dead!

Buzz, this thought passes by brain, a billows of lofty or bottomless is lifted suddenly in king strong heart. Of effort, wang Chong is opened open one's eyes come. Very fast, a bright ray gushs shoot.

Prep against ray, everything before by dark brighten. Be in the place with him not far distance, the little girl Nao that Wang Chong sees 10 years old or so is worn the mouth, one face looks at him malcontently.

"Call you to pay no attention to me! "Call you to pay no attention to me!!

Little girl is taken again fine fine finger united Wang Chong.

"Little younger sister? ! !!

Wang Chong cannot of believe look at on. The brow crescent moon with that little girl curved turn is general, bright eye, skin of Bai Li rubicund, match a silver is red small skin pants below the move, it seems that powdery carve jade is pecked general.

It is the top of head only the mischievous nature that the ovine horn plait like two towering firecracker revealed her. Is this oneself who is the little sister with that the least age?

But little younger sister is not already...

Of terrified of king strong terrified before looking at an eye, complete response does not come in brain.

Are oneself already dead obviously? He remembers clearly, the last moment, kill health make friends to prominent to perverse hill, he is resolutely strong entered boundless and indistinct different race in cavalry, how can you see little younger sister here again?

And little younger sister is very little, the appearance that this is her 10 years old clearly. Oneself compare little younger sister only big 5 years old, if little younger sister is 10 years old, that oneself is not...

Wang Chong raises the arm come, very fast, wang Chong saw a pair of thin and small, white tender arm, this is oneself the appearance in impression is disparate.

One instant, wang Chong does not say to gave a word to come. ... him renascence?

The surprise in Wang Chong heart, perturbed, still have more be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.

"Little younger sister, clutch I am one. Clutch I am one..

Wang Chong suddenly.

One's voice in speech just fell, wang Chong sees a tender and snow-white little hand was extended come over, all round little hand, swung the white dimple with light circuit.

This light dimple coagulates and do not come loose, if steel is like iron general, give a person a kind of extremely fierce sense.

"Vigour 9 rank! "Vigour 9 rank!!

The fierce tic in king strong heart one. This light white dimple is vigour 9 rank of ace indicative. How did oneself forget, little younger sister as a child talent is outstanding, it is a superhuman strength is incomparable " Hercules " .

Oneself let her come clutch wakes oneself, that is not ask for it eats painstakingly!

"Little younger sister, fasten... "

King strong complexion changes, want to prevent, but already late. Ka Ca, hear ringing voice only, wang Chong is like with respect to the radius that feels his.

"Ouch, fast let go of little younger sister! Fast let go of little younger sister!!

Hear Wang Chong's frightening cry, little girl the embarrassed of one face, say a head, those who feel embarrassed receive turn around and stretch out one's hand to point to.

"Little elder brother, but cannot blame me. Can you let this I am dry. Can you let this I am dry..

Little girl is saying a tongue at the same time, at the same time, the meaning of the least bit apology is done not have.

Wang Chong forced smile. Be worthy of as expected is that little younger sister in memory, endowed with different report that day, unplug hill carries a vessel, the force of as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood is far from " aimlessly person " can susceptive.

Nevertheless, kneading aching artifice, it is happy and clinking however in king strong heart. Have ache, have perception, can see... , this explains is not psychedelic.

Oneself are living still really!

" dim in, be the voice that God heard him really? Be the voice that God heard him really??

This momently, the five flavors in king strong heart blast miscellaneous, sigh with emotion unceasingly.

"3 elder brother, not be I say you. Mix less later equestrian Zhou Na is blamed come-and-go, that fellow is not a good thing, kill so that 3 elder brother are taught a lesson by dad unexpectedly, by outside say to be grabbed by force civilian female. Is find sth useful of my 3 elder brother grabbed by force civilian female? This is blamed! Let me encounter next time, must the lesson of firm firm he is one, see hit. See hit..

On, little girl did not know what to think of, twisting brow suddenly, quarrelsome appearance, two bloodcurdling little hands are held so that Ca of Ka Ca Ka makes sound again, apparent resentment is not little.

"Little younger sister... "

Hear little younger sister to give out the sound of complete sincerity, king strong nose one acid, holding little sister king in the arms to precious jade, touch in the heart clinking.

This is oneself that little younger sister, to oneself care of this elder brother has the little younger sister that add that. Regrettablly, at the outset oneself too too blamed, the feeling does not come out, until lost, just feel afterthought not is reached.

This generation, went up to the sky to give oneself the chance again like that namely, oneself also won't let little younger sister confront those issues again anyhow.

"Little younger sister, thank you. Nevertheless need not, equestrian Zhou Na is blamed, I myself can make do personally. I myself can make do personally..

Wang Chong light tone.

Wang Yao terrified terrified, raise a head to come from king strong bosom, greatly the eye is mirrorring empty eye of Wang Chong, it is amazed completely in the eye. Oneself this 3 elder brother, be like it seems that today not quite same ah.

See him of common careless and casual, associate with a flock of a gang of scoundries, how also the person that unlike can speak this to translate a word.

"Was opposite, 3 elder brother, you had not told me. What is the person that pass through? What meaning is the person that pass through? How had never I listened? How had never I listened??

Wang Yao remembered a thing, round eye is staring at Wang Chong, inside two greatly interrogation. Say for go, the matter that oneself care most has not said.

To Wang Chong this is nodded, wang Yao but comparative,resent.

"This -- "

Forgive is Wang Chong shameless, hear oneself little younger sister this word, also do not cannot help feeling nose, the embarrassed of one face.

About " the person that pass through " this stalk, still be oneself pass through to bring time to this world from another universe for the first time, that him moment is full of complaint in the heart, incommensurate to everything, everybody is known, feel oneself are this world's hasty passing traveller only, with respect to illusory like visionary hope.

As it happens sees he is plunging into ovine horn plait this, the ox is furious, very amused little younger sister runs to look for his, call oneself " 3 elder brother " , temporarily childishness is sent greatly, amuse her, let her call her " the person that pass through " .

Do not pass oneself fun word, little younger sister was taken seriously however. One and again, again and of 3 examine minutely oneself, what is " the person that pass through " . Careful after-thought rises, should be this second.

Remember this stalk, awkwardness also is in king strong heart should die.

"This person that pass through, it is the meaning of the handsome young man. It is the meaning of the handsome young man..

"Handsome young man? " little younger sister is opened big eye, more puzzled.

"Be handsome little elder brother! "Be handsome little elder brother!!

Wang Chong bursts out laughing.

"Little elder brother, you cheat me! You cheat me!!

Little younger sister immediately agitatedly. She although age is small, but also not be so good cheat.

"Little younger sister, I think suddenly, father is afraid be about to come back. You still go back at once, otherwise was discovered, that can be bothered! That can be bothered!!

The cold sweat in Wang Chong heart, shift a topic at once. Idea of little younger sister is simple, although believe very to oneself, but if let her discover her cheats her, with her striking force, initiate violent wind to come, be afraid oneself have so that suffering eats.

"Hum! ! !!

Two buccal gas rouse little younger sister, anger hard pass the time in a leisurely way. Her age is small, it is so good to can be done not have cheat. Little elder brother did not tell the truth apparently.

Wang Chong is fooled repeatedly belt cheat, good give her not easily be cheated. When going nevertheless, it is quarrelsome however, it is malcontent very apparently:

"Dad came back a little while, the woman lets me call you in person, let you a little while remember going to big having a meal! Let you a little while remember going to big having a meal!!

"Rumble! "Rumble!!

Hear this word, rumble grand ases if a thunderbolt passes by brain, in king strong heart abrupt a stern.

Little younger sister is saying, outside walking out of the door quarrelsomely.

Wang Chong feels forehead, the feeling is the cold sweat of skill. Still think she is rushed into secretly really, why had cheated father, do not escape to pass law key point of the mother at all!

Nevertheless, accident not at all. With the ability of little younger sister, where is the hill of the five fingers that escapes how possibly so that cross Budda?

When little younger sister leaves, wang Chong entires on gate, carry recumbent wall on the back, the head is admired slightly case, staring at high housetop, expression is small cold, complexion also slowly come down calmly.

The thing that produces today is too weird, he needs time well want.

Antemortem one act act again head of float Zhu Xin, that shooting star that sees finally also becomes clear slowly. A few distant memory ased if to had been forgotten, but this moment becomes clear however.

Wang Chong is written down clearly, in the Christian era another of 2022 spatio-temporal earth, the summer of that sorching, when oneself go on the ave namely, in be being broken by a falls from the day shooting star, was taken next this new world.

Pass through at the outset here when, think what can have " the welfare of the person that pass through " , but in fact ordinary, calculate " dead " that momently till, besides a general child outside the identity, whats doesn't he have to distinguish with other and normal mankind it seems that.

That shooting star, mysterious shooting star, besides take him this unfamiliar, be far from the world of own universe, mark of other what god was not shown.

Cannot think of, when oneself die momently, showed suddenly again however.

"Be to complain read aloud? Is still be finally unwilling? Is still be finally unwilling??

The as one falls in Wang Chong heart.

Without giving thought to how, he came again again really. Before he returned 30 years really! This year, he is 15 years old, little younger sister is 10 years old!

In earthy god continent greeting its throughout history most rich and popular, powerful when!

It is Qin Chao no matter, still be big fellow, like never in one day resembles this day, expand domain giant like this face. The East China Sea rises east, green mountain range reachs on the west, rise south reach foot, north arrives the Yinshan Mountains, it is Caesarean sphere of influence entirely.

Depending on 600 thousand main forces, big Tang Dingding is magical continent, the town pinned borderland all introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad exterminate all countries. Army in more bright the star, so-called 100 will is the same as brightness, also submit oneself to the rule of even Hu Ren at this huge empire.

Weak point time of a few years, caesarean domain is ceaseless and patulous, reach present degree eventually.

Here is the world center of be worthy of.

This is medium the times with the most powerful earth.

And in palace that, also be in accordingly in earthy god continent emperor of the emperor that be by address sb respectfully. In this therein earthy god continent, everybody is complacent because of this contented, be full of a proud mood everywhere.

But besides Wang Chong, do not have a person to know, below extremely powerful appearance, the empire is in by fill and decline, move toward the road of its be on the wane.

Below the phantom of flourishing age, the horse abandons Gong Chi, already accumulate contained countless crises.

Big the Tang Dynasty on the west on side highland, wu Si Tibet is in strong rise abruptly, enter quickly when he is the most powerful. And more on the west side, bai Yi is fed greatly topple with a loud crash, those who replace is the Arabia is the most powerful black clothes on Caesarean history feeds a times greatly.

Northeast, deep builds horse of severe of arms of Su Wen hay, and southern Er sea also is undercurrent emerges move.

All crises, on the verge of breaking out.

However in tract is large the Tang Dynasty, everybody still is enmeshed in the phantom of this flourishing age, return utterly ignorant to these delitescent crises. Be in even exterminate surname people horse of hay arms severe, the earth in be opposite eye covetously when, the Confucianist still brews a new ideological trend in inside and outside of the government and the public, try to let an imperial court v/LIT dismiss from office legionary, return domain, carry out Ren Yi, come with formal Jiaohua penitentiary exterminate surname, god of the earth in exchanging continent a long peace with exterminate surname.

This is an unprecedented abandon military accomplishment oneself:

The tiger abandoned claw, the wolf unplugged benefit ages!

After 4 years, when exterminate surname the wolf that be like a tiger is gobbled up and come, destroy a day to destroy the bigger disaster of the ground is swept across when another and come, whole in earth namely again the force of passivity.

After becoming 4 years, these crises erupt together, it is a day collapses southeast, catastrophe of ground defect northwest! This giant, brilliant Caesarean and complete be on the wane.

And what oneself love greatly is familial, it is as much in these 4 years by fill turn decline, fall to pieces, complete downfallen, by what stand high above the masses photograph old and well-known family, fetch down arrived muddy in struggle.

Go up generation, his ignorant, cannot redeem ability long narrow flag to wake like that till everything like that, but this generation, bringing the memory of whole lifetime and experience, he won't let all these repeat again again absolutely!

Why can this huge empire divide fair-skinneding separation to become this model inside short time, in those days he once thought countless times. If can be in according to him " after 30 years " ponder over the plan that come out to carry out, that all these returns there's still time.

It is nevertheless before this, he prevents another when will happen namely in this home major issue first even. Little younger sister, eldest brother, father, mother, still have whole Wang Jia... , everybody got the influence of this thing.

It is just about after this thing, whole Wang Jiayi step by step was immersed in be on the wane in, bad old practices die hard.

Those support of the people that he loves love his person, it is to be after this thing, experienced again a series of thing, just slowly " leave him and go. Just slowly " leave him and go..

And all these happens in him to pass through this world before long when.

Just at that time, he returns muddled ignorance. But this generation, he won't abandon absolutely!

One house is not swept why to sweep the world, how is there egg again under Fu mew? If cannot save the destiny of this family, what does he take to save this world again?

Anyhow, he must be prevented!

Thinking so in the heart, wang Chong pushs an entrance door, went very quickly. The row upon row of outside the door, look at those familiar sight, king strong heart knows abdomen bright next the thing is all in all to oneself.