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Emperor of red of the first chapter is remembered

"Who am I? I am Long Chen "

"I am to turn up one's nose at the world, look at sb disdainfully the unique red emperor of 9 clouds -- Long Chen? I am the person sees person bully, cannot the good-for-nothing of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine -- Long Chen?

A disorder in brain, at the same time the whole body a pang, long Chen can'ts help stopping the confused feeling in brain, give out painful hum.

"Dirt, did you wake eventually? Too good, the mother should worry dead, you say you are good good, why to want to follow family decisive struggle "

The sound of a Wen Run, rise in the noise side Long Chen's ear, sound was full of glad and comfort, do not cross respecting later, the belt in sound wears to choke with sobs.

Long Chen slowly open an eye, all round a faintness, when the picture gradually when clarity, emerge those who go out is face of a woman at the moment.

The look that the woman looks three years old, look is very fair, nevertheless canthus is in, carrying the grain of deep end of a few fish that does not accord with her age.

Right now that woman, binocular and tearful look at Long Chen, was full of inside affection and bestow favor on be addicted to, mind of dirt allowing a surname a warmth.

"The child, you can be frightened dead for the woman " that woman says binocular more red, tear rustles and fall.

"Woman? "Woman??

Long Chen looks at this to be familiar with already, have some of new face again, some cry questioningly gave this word, there is on the face uncannily.

"The child, you do not want gally woman, didn't you meet even the woman? " emerge immediately on that woman face alarmed color.

Appeared by that woman right now an old man, see Long Chen: "Dragon madam, dragon is subcelestial child afterbrain has sufferred a bang, thinking still needs the likelihood restore, you do not want too anxious, just had taken drug to the childe, medical effect has not been changed completely, still make a childe much take a rest "

The person was full of dragon husband to see Long Chen anxiously, loath ground nods, some did not abandon the ground to give a room with that old man.

Long Chen hears that old man far, persuade in a low voice to that woman: "Dragon madam, this dragon childe, collect answered a lot, had been very lucky, always cannot importune "

Dragon madam is quavery path: "The means that apothecary Yours Excellency, I he... "

The old man of that apothecary that be called, sighed to: "World child his afterbrain gets severe concussion, tell the truth, can wake turning had been very lucky, this sequela is exceedingly serious still nevertheless, it is break recall, also be to be among reason... "

Here, two people had gone gradually gradually far, long Chen listens no longer so clear, indistinct transmit dragon madam's lachrymal sound.

Long Chen looks at the ceiling on the head, experiencing all over pang, especially afterbrain place, more bilge painful.

"Is this how to return a responsibility after all? I am Long Chen, dragon madam is my close woman, how can I produce new mood to her?

Where does the memory that still has so much disorder come after all? I am like is the VIP that an ox forces extremely, how be a disastrous good-for-nothing that forces painstakingly however?

Dan Dilong dirt? Trash dragon dirt? After all which ability is me true? It is red emperor is seized abandon renascence, be still trash confluence red emperor soul? Be still trash confluence red emperor soul??

In dragon dirt brain, endless interrogation rolls back and forth, calculated, anyway, I am Long Chen, trash it may not be a bad idea, red emperor, the most important is me living still now.

Since two remembered confluence to arrive one case share everything between each other, I go why again kink this idiocy problem, what need does now is, let oneself recover as soon as possible rise.

Experienced oneself body, be in fracture more up and down all over, rib broke 3, an arm also broke two point, especially afterbrain place, whole head bone cave in one much, it is the method of good firm really.

"Well, although I get together without method gas, but the force of my mind, seem very powerful, unexpectedly can the induction arrives all round the body the limits of less than of 10 a unit of length "

Long Chen can'ts help having some of surprise, according to his confused memory, he knows the force of mind is very precious, especially to division of a red, most important.

Earned, earned, no matter be red emperor renascence, emperor of shirt-sleeve still red is remembered, it is to earn greatly to oneself earned especially.

Former it is to seize abandon renascence, lived more generation, and to latter, that is the spirit that had an unique overmatch, does the ox that is what kind then force?

Do not pass scrutiny when him body, dragon dirt complexion changes:

"Clever root is sucked, wind effective framework also is short of, should be dug, does mind have one opening? After all who so firm, clever root, effective framework, clever blood, was snatched entirely, pardonable my cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine not? " the anger in dragon dirt heart unceasingly.

The force of his present soul is very powerful, already OK inside inspect, discovered oneself make the mystery of trash at a draught.

Clever root is to be located in the posse root gas inside the pubic region, it is Xiu Lian's root, without clever root, essential cannot the induction is enraged to spirit of heaven and earth,

Clever blood is the blood that there is an a priori when the person is born, basically everybody has, just the person of most Xiu Lian does not know just.

Effective framework is located in the person's wind, slightly raised place, normal person does not have effective framework, it is in Nazarite, because be 10 thousand in without one, that is the mark of zenithal talent.

And the place of the effective framework of dragon dirt wind, was short of apparently, that is the trace that is dug clearly.

Dragon dirt complexion is very ugly, if not be shirt-sleeve,remember, he still does not know, oneself body, was moved to pass motion artificially.

Say this 3 kind normally although the thing is precious, but once leave the person's body, do not have any using, want to kill oneself, expend so old underhand method why? Such method, make oneself unripe be inferior to dead simply.

Put in anger 's charge angrily nevertheless, but thing of this 3 type had been done not have nowadays, had done not have any meanings angrily.

"Had better not let me know, who works "

Long Chen can'ts help gnash, be lunar caustic really, oneself have clever character, even if think with the buttock, that also is absolutely talent.

Nowadays however because this is mean and blamed, let oneself become cannot the trash of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, hold the post of person bully disgrace, suffer all kinds of supercilious look.

Cannot uncovering in dragon dust dander when, the door is opened by light jog, those who look 934 years old is handsome girl, went, that is close-fitting servant girl of Long Chen, be called treasure.

"Childe, should take medicine "

"Medicine? The what drug that takes in your hand? " budge of dragon dirt nose, ask.

"This is a madam, spent great price, the tiger bone red that just begs, can cure a childe lickety-split your traumatic " treasure answer.

Say to open the caddy of a choiceness in the hand, show the red drug inside, path: "Cloud of division of red of out of this red medicine is allegedly strange the Great Master's hand, efficacy of a drug is very powerful, childe, let treasure ministrant you are taken fall "

Dragon dirt complexion looks at this thing in the hand eccentricly, play with respect to this meaning can you also call red? 3 flat of 4 out of round, with meatball like.

Appearance also did not say, ni Ma, this color is pitch-black, without a burnish, if not be to sending out light drug is popular, long Chen suspects this is egg of dung of a sheep even.

Saw half of the day, long Chen mouth sighed, can the property of a medicine medicine of a red, wasteful most probably above, this also is a hard job to this " Great Master " , does Long Chen feel puzzled how is he accomplished after all? Sodden also can rot this state.

Red cent tastes: Inferior, medium article, top grade, highest grade and taste absolutely, and this a round mass of food in the hand, do not belong to clearly 5 article in, long Chen suddenly be enlightened this is an incomplete defective goods at all, this is useless red, normally red division won't sell such red drug absolutely, because lose,do not have such person, often add is officinal fluid, direct perhaps and refuse.

"Childe, not was in a daze, the husband is factitious this Bao Dan, sold off oneself headgear, you were taken rapidly " treasure urgent path.

Long Chen can'ts help in the heart one painful, in his impression, oneself mother special be very fond of oneself, the degree that be very fond of, had arrived to bestow favor on the degree of be addicted to, almost what do oneself want, the mother basically won't refuse.

For him, the mother is held broke heart, when dragon madam is young, it is generation beauty, right now ability is three years old, but light sees her the corner of the eye that deep piscine end grain, know, she was paid for Long Chen too much.

Look at the pill in the hand, although be an incomplete defective goods, but the medicinal material is pretty good however, was foreign matter to occupy most probably, treat his injury, still do not have any problems.

Take pill below, treasure of dragon dirt life, do not show oneself information fully first, include a mother inside.

Although treasure some indissoluble, but the accredit that stems from pair of Long Chen, clever still ground nods.

After taking drug, although Long Chen cannot be used,repair change efficacy of a drug for refine, but his force through oneself powerful soul, reach guiding of efficacy of a drug his injury point, restore the effect very rapid.

The following day, long Chen slowly open an eye, corners of the mouth emerges a smile, activity bones and muscles.

Very good, although not up to much of medical a round mass of food, but the character of medicinal material itself is first-rate, besides afterbrain, a suit the condition of an injury restored most, cure is traumatic be more than sufficient, slowly take a looking glass before.

That dashing eyebrows in looking at a mirror bright eye, brilliant and uncommon teenager, dragon dirt heavy track: "Since today, my Long Chen will be the Long Chen previously no longer, I should rise abruptly "

Although the body still has some of theory, walk to do not have any problems however nevertheless, long Chen gave a door, the rising sun has been outside east rise.

Long Chen pondered half time carefully, treasure cried, kept the name of a chain of medicinal material to her, let her go make up a prescription of Chinese herbal medicine.

Not Guo Baoer complexion is a little embarrassed, in dragon dirt heart easily, understood immediately, dragon home is very short of money nowadays, treasure cannot from Zhang room there take money.

Otherwise mother also won't, also sell oneself jewelry, that can be her at the outset dotal, precious and unusual, the Long Jiashi nowadays is too abjection.

Felt a pocket, there still are more than 80 silvers inside, although not much, but buy these drug, enough.

Treasure very diligent, around is less than the time of a time, give the crude drug be bought, long Chen starts work instantly, according to different scale these medicine configuration rises, put the infusion in made of baked clay canister.

After 3 time, concentrated medical juice has sent out a drug is popular, long Chen looks at this bowl of cheap medicine fluid, corners of the mouth emerges a smile.

"My Long Chen rises abruptly, begin from this bowl of medicine soup "