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Dirt of sword of the first chapter

In an endless wide mountain range, two sufficient have be apart of the sword with 1000 expensive measure mountain peak 100 meters distance stands tall and upright in boundless and indistinct sea of clouds under.

These two swords mountain peak is very abrupt, look the divine sword that asing if is two enlarge edition to be inserted between heaven and earth to be like the ground, without any Ke Panyan's places.

In these two peaks of the summit of sword mountain peak, in be apart from a sky, then boundless and indistinct sea of clouds has been less than 100 meters distance only, and the peak in mountain peak, more light mirage winds around, get the cloak of mirage, make the picture of the peak of mountain peak fools one piece, mist, faint nevertheless, still can discover in two swords model the peak of mountain peak, two people's silent station is in over there, asing if is one honour stone carving is like the ground, move also do not move, only day aerial fierce wind is blowing the dress of two people and hair to drift along with wind.

In this two people, among them one person looks is an age does not pass only 20 come year old youth, what the youth grows is exceedingly brilliant, brilliant facial features is perfect, can says unrivaled, it is the killer of all green girls between the world simply, that pair of bland eyes are having an individual appeal however, exceedingly attractive, fang Buddha can photograph popular feeling soul.

The youth is having the long hair of a black, between nonstop waist, long hair was not passed any manacle, it is optional very wrap around to flutter at random as the fierce wind of that howl in back, and go up in the back of young, bearing a yataghan, the sword body of yataghan is being lapped by a thick calico, can see dew only outside an essence of life is wonderful clinking hilt, on hilt, quarter clear " light breeze " 2 words, let a person feel strange is nevertheless, whole sword body did not do that yataghan unexpectedly any rope, fang Buddha is to suck the ground is like on the back of young, also did not fall down, this one act looks apparent very fathomless.

This youth is called sword dirt, nowadays the first ace of day of shake of the fame on all corners of the country, it is to be known as more -- the title of sword god, it is great master of generation sword law, law of one swift-handed sword achieves reach the acme of perfection already, the condition of reach the limit, nevertheless his age has more than 20 years old only however just.

To sword dirt, the exact details that go-between of all corners of the country knows is exceedingly little, besides know he is an orphan, after and do not have the door having a clique, other utterly ignorant, his antecedents, asing if is posse mystery same, the gest of excel in of his that a suit and the sword way with then clever essence know without the person is from He Xuelai.

And be in opposite him on that sword of 100 meters of place mountain peak, a figure is tall, the person that wears black robe stands over, with sword dirt stand far apart facing each other, this person is an old man, age looks appearance of 559 years old, healthy in old age, a pair of old key points are sharp, awn of the essence in the eye 4 shoot, the look of that swift and fierce is just as a Li Jian, let a person dare not be opposite to it inspect, and in the hand in him, taking a clement black gigantic sword, let a person feel barpque is nevertheless, his Ju Jian does not have edge unexpectedly.

The character like this long romance that the old man was the name to disappear in all corners of the country about a hundred years -- alone Gu is begged be defeated, alone Gu seeks a title that be defeated is him only, know his real full name and identity without the person, because be in early hundred years before, he is the super overmatch that hits the world not to have adversary, nowadays, still know alone the person that Gu seeks a few information that be defeated, the it may be said of vivid still on earth is little little, nevertheless, but he in former days that extremely brilliant ray still is was passed by what person generation takes the place of, and hundred years after now his actual strength more get the better of once upon a time, nowadays, can have known without the person alone Gu begs the actual strength that be defeated to achieve why to plant degree.

Alone Gu begs the sword dirt that outside defeating a pair of eyes to looking attentively at 100 meters silently, that age does not cross more than 20 years old it seems that, of look swift and fierce extremely, as if have Dao Jian like biting, it is more in the eye often thrill through a cold awn.

"Sword dirt, such age has a suit not to lose the actual strength at an old fellow like me, and you are in sword on the road attainment, was to achieve to connect an old fellow like me more also the height of too far behind to catch up with, regrettablly ah, you kill my only love person, this enemy must sign up for, I should replace me anyhow now that only person get back justice. " alone Gu is begged defeat deep voice say, in reading the mood that is like calm then, was full of what one makes a person not cold and quiver to kill however meaning.

Calm of sword dirt complexion is clinking, double eye is being looked attentively at lightly alone Gu is begged be defeated, the aba of a white that goes up personally is in with the wind flying, and the long hair of that one neat waist, more be blown so that flutter at random by fierce wind, had looked not cheesy.

"This no wonder I, it is you prentice and active displease me, as to fall in my sword to death, can blame him himself to learn only art not essence of life just. " the lip of sword dirt gently closing, slight sound is spat from inside his mouth.

Alone Gu begs defeat anger pole and laugh: "Good, good, good, good one learns art not essence of life, then I want to be able to meet you now, see you have how old ability, whether below the sword of that light breeze that also puts to death an old fellow like me in your hand.

Saying, alone Gu begs the black Tie Chongjian in be defeated to wave, immediately, clinking sword enrages Tuo Jian and go out formidably together, the sword energy of life that leading swift and fierce sides with 100 meters of sword dirt outside to be shot with be like the speed like lightning quickly.

Sword dirt the calm of one face, as the sound giving scabbard of Dao Jian, the yataghan that bears rearward then appears in the hand of sword dirt instantly, that is sufficient 4 feet grow, the long and thin sword of two finger beam is sending out on whole sword body the sword awn of a silvery white, the yataghan in hand of immediately sword dirt is fast lunge, see a intense and clinking sword gas takes off a sword and go out only, the rate that cannot take at all with naked eye is sided with alone Gu is begged defeat the sword gas that shoots to be attacked.

"Bang! "Bang!!

Two swords gas phase bumps, erupt with a loud crash blare, deafening, aftereffect of powerful true energy of life is a center with explosive dot, side with far and near quickly to diffuse then and go out, all around that winds around lightly cloud and mist gives broke up.

Then, sword dirt and alone Gu is begged be defeated to fly at the same time personally and case, broke away from the mountain peak that stands below the foot, fly to two mountain peak between, undertaking intense belligerence in the air.

The skill rate of two people is surprise fast clinking, the collision sound of enginery and attrition sound ring ceaseless in sky, together intense sword gas is at war from two people place towards all around shoot at random, get on the mountain peak all around hit each large deficit, countless clastic rock drop towards the ground under 1000 a unit of length and go.

A few short breathing time, sword dirt and alone Gu is begged defeat two people's fast belligerence hundreds bout, fall on two mountain peak afresh when two people later when, the body body that sees two people only somewhat helter-skelter, originally on intact garment unlined upper garment, had appeared many break, become a bit tattered rise.

Alone Gu begs those who defeat one face gravity to look at sword dirt, become between expression dignified is clinking, heavy track: "Very fast sword, nobody can defeat no wonder in all corners of the country of law of your one swift-handed sword, return how not to get an old fellow like me however nevertheless. " alone Gu is begged defeat mood to pause, continue: "We hit very bad component to give victory or defeat so, be inferior to with respect to the biff with the strongest at the same time put to good use, one action decides victory or defeat. " saying, alone Gu is begged the imposing manner that be defeated soares suddenly and rise, be just as a towering Ju Jian, insert the sky continuously.

The complexion of sword dirt becomes dignified rise, then, send out likewise on the body give a giant and clinking momentum, silk is compared none alone Gu is begged be defeated weak.

The imposing manner of two people is climbed ceaselessly litre, blot out the sky and cover up the earth, fill appeal to whole sky, union of two people imposing manner rises, what enveloped a great distance of whole big hill directly is far, connect ethereal cloud layer, was given to develop a large deficit by the imposing manner of two people, and sudden abreaction move, howl of the fierce wind in the sky, give out the sound of harsh set up wild shrieks and howls, between mountain forest, countless birds and beasts give out terrified cry in succession, stride limb to be worn towards the flee in disorder with flying far, and the two people imposing manner of the peak of mountain peak is increasing ceaselessly, be in brewing the strongest biff.

"Ka Ca! "   " Ka Ca! "   " Ka Ca!!

Between nearby mountain forest, many sapling cannot bear two people that powerful momentum, in succession by the waist breaks off, next by two people that giant imposing manner flew on a sky to what rush, far flew.

Beg the imposing manner that defeats two people to be climbed ceaselessly as sword dirt and loneliness litre, and in them a powerful true air current also appeared all round the body of two people, surrounding two people's fast whirl is worn, tree of flowers and plants, be being curved to what press by the powerful momentum of two people waist, countless large trees are shaking body in succession, pendulous.

Meanwhile, the light breeze sword in sword dirt hand and alone Gu begs the black Tie Chongjian that be defeated, sending out a dazzling white ray and pitch-black black ray.

The true air current of two person edge is more and more powerful, whole body of final sword dirt is being lapped by a full-bodied white ray, and alone Gu is begged be defeated to also be being lapped by the ray of a black, lost the figure of two people already completely, be in only the dazzling ray that sees polarity of two round color in the air.

"Chant! "Chant!!

The shakily with the lightsome yataghan in sword dirt hand, dazzling sword awn had shined on yataghan at the moment, that powerful sword gas lets a person feel shake with fear. The long hair of his black flutters at random in fierce wind, white aba is to follow wind to drift more, whole body is impending and stand, look putting Buddha is one honour battle alike in spirit, martial invincible.

When the imposing manner of two people Dou Pansheng arrives when acme, abruptly, two people give out Jing day fulminate at the same time, noise shake day, still ring suddenly like a clap of thunder, deafening, then, the Hei Mang that sees a flowery Baiguang and darkness are clinking only is in go with the speed barge against like lightning, instantly crisscross and over- ...

Did not imagine medium collision sound, when all calm, see sword dirt is mixed only alone Gu is begged defeated two people to had changed a position, 100 meters space station is in new be apart the peak of two mountain peak, the complexion of two people appears extremely cadaverous, and on the wind of sword dirt, bright red blood flows quickly to drip and go out, rapid him that white aba gives incarnadine, be in just the crisscross like that lightning and outdated, alone Gu is begged be defeated already one sword is piercing his heart.

And alone Gu is begged be defeated, had lost whole sword arm, he what lose sword arm, already took a sword feebly, that takes the black Tie Chongjian in his right hand, the cliff of 1000 a unit of length that has fallen towards mountain peak was dropped, in him one sword is piercing after sword dirt heart, as much lost an arm.

The station with sword silent dirt is over mountain peak, in the mouth slowly poured out of a blood, and his complexion, also become more and more cadaverous rise, short short film cuts time, had been like paper palely, his heart by alone Gu is begged defeat one sword piercing, had been immersed in in having the hopeless situation that coagulate to death surely.

"Hahaha... . . " abrupt, on the peak of the mountain peak opposite side alone Gu is begged was defeated to laugh to rise abruptly, yock path: "Sword dirt, with your endowment, if be in,give you a few years time, certainly of an old fellow like me is not your adversary, regrettablly ah regrettablly, now although how much your actual strength gets on unlike difference of an old fellow like me, but final still be in defeating the hand in an old fellow like me. " here, alone Gu is begged be defeated sighed, path: "Alas... . Generation day arrogant so put an end to is in the hand of an old fellow like me, really regretful, kill Tu Zhichou for the newspaper nevertheless, an old fellow like me also must not be inferior to this. An old fellow like me also must not be inferior to this..

Experience the vitality that elapsing ceaselessly then to oneself, sword dirt slowly closed an eye, this momently, he appears very quiet, life and death to him, not be probably how value, after all these year enter swing all corners of the country, sword dirt also has killed many people, look already weak life and death, that regrets exclusively in the heart even if evermore also does not have an opportunity to explore the acme that the sword again.

Be immersed in in sword dirt when one does not have happy condition without Bei, abrupt, an eerie feeling appears in the brain of sword dirt, in this crucial hour, the soul of sword dirt ases if with the yataghan be in harmony in the hand for an organic whole, he although sword, the sword although he, between he and sword, divide each other no longer, this sword in copy fingered citron had become the one part of his soul to be like the ground.

Meanwhile, the gas of a silk is pure and powerful heaven and earth falls from the advent between heaven and earth, the brains down sword dirt the afflux of a silk in his brain, with his soul perfect union is together, as this angry infuse of heaven and earth, sword dirt feels him clearly " god " expanding quickly with mysterious speed, and at the same time, his soul ases if broke away from the body, fly to all around between that endless Shan Ye, at the moment, circumference in the appears in sword dirt brain with 10 lis of clear and clinking picture inside, the mosquito that goes up to the ground repeatedly even his Dou Nengqing the experiences them activity of clear.

Be about to die in this extremely, he, broke through unexpectedly. . . . . .