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Method of result of rubbish of the first chapter

Too black door, hind hill, manage the place of quiet and beautiful, greenery is shady, numerous Hua Shijin, the bird calls bug to cry. On the side of canal of a clastic rock, have an one person's much taller big rock, on big Shi Zhi, a boy that wears white long gown repairs refine in cross one's legs.

Gas of body week spirit ripples, breathe out between whiff, the clever gas that that gathers together and comes goes up to shrink accordingly, the rule with abstruse move sides with abide to the teenager's the pubic region gathers together and go.

The teenager is called Gu Fei, it is too black door the child of young generation.

Too black door, it is Teng Long over the mainland, one of 3 highways doors, having long history, it is an old school. Gu Fei is an orphan, 8 years old when, 10 thousand celestial being become his master worker when a hill is itinerary, bring back its too black door, receive room child.

Although be in personally the door, but of ancient flying Xiu Lian not be way way however, however one cries " art of antediluvian refine body " law part.

Refine body art, just as its name implies, it is one is with oneself body essential, go against the part of a law of day cultivate one's morality. The fierce ability magic power that describes in law part is full can fleshy body becomes emperor, antediluvian battle ability can put to death more celestial being deicide.

But, once ability of this antediluvian secret repairs refine to rise, however 1000 difficult all difficulties, even if repairs refine to be not had, also cannot turn again write other work law.

Close eye dish the Gu Fei that sits on rock, movement is antediluvian part of refine system law, the spirit of heaven and earth of far and near gas is inducted into the pubic region, accumulation rises. Compress accumulation to arrive after certain level when the clever gas in the pubic region, lead the clever energy of life in the pubic region, pound the passages through which vital energy circulates that goes up personally.

The clever gas of a wave gathers together and come, no matter be the wood elite all round, still be free the day fine lunar corona between empty sky, gu Fei is accept everything, induct like sea Na Baichuan into the pubic region in.

Faint, visible way way is petty if the time like black hair is in,his body week winds around. As the die of time, spurt begins to give out the rays of morning or evening sunshine of 7 colour in Gu Fei's the pubic region, that is the Ling Xia that spirit of heaven and earth enrages height to condense and gives out fully.

Get together gas, concussion, get together gas, concussion, when strong when the body inner diffusion that weak clever gas wave motion flies to since ancient times and piece, between circular move back and forth, a 7 colour are clever yuan of the pubic region that flies since ancient times in as Jiang He there is the passages through which vital energy circulates that there still is get through then inside his body like the bank definitely.

Every time concussion, seem to tremendous weight of one handle hoisting jack is in inside Gu Fei's body firm life bombard, every are pounded, the Dou Lou on his face gives a painful look.

Powerful clever gas erodes in passages through which vital energy circulates, those who bring is to tear off the anguish like, the spirit of heaven and earth that erupt in the pubic region and goes out is angry, violent extremely, if countless sharp penknives are in,have in the passages through which vital energy circulates that lets him cut.

His mandibular joint is bitten closely, kubla khah dripping wet, the hair gathers was stuck to be on the face by sweat, the white unlined upper garment that goes up personally, already by sweat drenched, stick on the body.

He is experiencing the 2nd doorsill in art of antediluvian refine body -- promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy.

Promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy, gather together namely the spirit between heaven and earth is angry, condense at the pubic region, will pound the acupuncture point of a key to do sth over passages through which vital energy circulates after that, make passages through which vital energy circulates straightway, such, spirit of that heaven and earth enrages ability along systemic passages through which vital energy circulates, achieve each inches of muscle of the body, each bone, let the purpose of decay of body raising of things to a higher level.

Art of antediluvian refine body, it is the part of a law of the cultivate one's morality that counter a day, without the volition like huge rock, indefatigable mortify, get together even the first at all angry doorsill has not been stridden.

The mainland that vacate dragon builds refine system countless, but the state of the person that the world is repaired, can differentiate 5 big states: Wake I, empty of Tuo Fan, drive, half god, into emperor, each state fractionize is ninefold day, agree without prior consultation 95 to honour meaning.

Art of antediluvian refine body is in wake my condition has fourfold toll-gate, enter a the first stage, it is to get together gas, mastered only get together angry ability, gu Feicai can undertake the Xiu Lian of next promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy.

After promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy, it is easy veins that stand out, after easy veins that stand out is become greatly, enter the Xiu Lian of forge bone, the day that forge bone becomes greatly, it is body decay when, decay is successful, gu Fei can break through Xiu Lian's fetters and handcuffs, xiu Weijin raises Tuofan's boundary.

"The clever energy of life that gather together is not quite strong still! " failure, those who bring is as the horrible anguish like Ling Chi, gu Fei's corners of the mouth is bitten defeated, oozy bloodstain, but he still holds to.

"Human body 12 honest, I ability get through two passages through which vital energy circulates, 12 honest besides, still have strange classics 8 arteries and veins, I when passages through which vital energy circulates of whole body of ability get through, enter the Xiu Lian of phase of easy veins that stand out?

Art of antediluvian refine body repairs the hardship of refine, really horrible, repair refine to pass this name mostly very arrogant forked, but Xiu Lian is entered the place is strange however slow the person of clinking result method, have a leave the playing field only it seems that, that is, still repair refine to have without art of body of will antediluvian refine, these people already die.

Late in the morning, the time that builds early soon is about to go, gu Fei is withered sit in the morning, since two years before, his get through after the 2nd passages through which vital energy circulates, do not have again inch into!

Build the screen wall of refine, resemble the chasm that is a impassable, over or across is in his before.

Gu Fei is a bit disappointed, but not crestfallen. 10 thousand celestial being become the master worker that his disposition resembles him a bit, stubborn be like an ox, be 100 fold do not turn round that kind person.

"Went all out! " Gu Fei looks up see time, time is enough still he pounds acupuncture point of a key to do sth again, then, he one gnash one's teeth, what definitely showed on the face is lubricious, the look is sturdy and clinking.

Law part runs, his body week returns clever without the heaven and earth that drop off vital energy then, gather together again again and come, in the pubic region, posse spirit is angry, slowly rotate, inducting the clever gas that far and near gathers together and comes.

A not weak vigour is fluctuant, be sent fully inside body and go out from him, awn of star of of all kinds emerges in his the pubic region and go out, that is the spirit of heaven and earth that compresses highly can, and it is the world power that did not pass any changing.

Spirit of heaven and earth is angry gather together in Gu Fei's the pubic region quickly, feel till Gu Fei the pubic region comes out after one bilges to feel deeply, he ability is fierce one cruel-hearted, the spirit that compresses that height inside the pubic region desperately can, emerge towards the 3rd 12 honest passages through which vital energy circulates.

The spirit of powerful blowout can, emerge quickly in Gu Fei's passages through which vital energy circulates move, resembling is a brook, abrupt afflux like a monstrous flood, clever the part that can spend, quickness of passages through which vital energy circulates expands, within an inch of is maintained to explode by that onrush.

"Bang! " ased if noisy to remove a clap of thunder by the side of Gu Fei's ear, from the pubic region billowy and that onrush that go out, the concussion of firm firm is over the screen wall of passages through which vital energy circulates.

Shake of theatrical work of ancient flying body, suddenly one dehisce, ejective a blood, body form flash, it is unexpectedly from that rock over, carried directly come down.

Below megalith, in brushwood, gu Fei faces upward to be in the ground toward the lie down of the day, his corners of the mouth, a blood-red, particularly marked. He looks up at a day, the flap that throws Guo Shuxian mists and clouds in the twilight in ethereal continuously, now and then a few clever birds are in ethereal skitter.

Do not have in his eye crestfallen, did not distress, have the eyes of that sturdy some dreariness only.

Climb on the ground oneself slowly, the bloodstain of efface corners of the mouth, forth the way of hill looks, hind the hill of hill on the road, had had fragmentary figure, forth hill and go.

That is with him, the hill after coming early writes the child of too black door of refine.

Too black hill, cloud-kissing, summit cloud and mist winds around, a Dian Yu, if show,concealed is like on hill, relief is magnificent, the bethel of one place clever hill that is mainland rare.

High-ranking ascetic, repair refine on hill, and like Gu Fei such introductions are less than 10 years, repair for low young child, can repair refine below the foot of a hill only.

"Hum! Still do not have a breakthrough! " the condition inside one private parts was inspected inside Gu Fei, he discovers, the screen wall of the 3rd passages through which vital energy circulates, just trifling pine was moved, from break through screen wall to return far move.

"8 years, art of antediluvian refine body just repairs refine to arrive the state of promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy, just wake nevertheless I am ternary of the day long for, hey! " Gu Fei the forced smile from ridicule, "The child of other branch range, repair even that the Wang Yuanzhi that is lowest, have wake of my condition fivefold day long for ah! Have wake of my condition fivefold day long for ah!!

Think of that often looks for his troublesome Wang Yuanzhi, the quality that detest was revealed on Gu Fei's face. The child of other branch range, those who repair refine is way way, progress amazingly quick, but the law part that he builds refine, progress is like snail slow however.

Build refine group, respect overmatch only, repair for the bottom, become the target that is bullied only.

Gu Fei arranged garment unlined upper garment, along hill after that, circle forward hill. The mountain line both sides of quiet and beautiful, blooming a not famous flower.

Light green grass breath and be like the flower that if not have,has is sweet, often wave in Gu Fei's nose.

A moment ago wall of screen of concussion passages through which vital energy circulates fails, gu Fei's body, got not little impact, getting hurt is inevitable. But, he far from get hurt regard as one and the same, because repair refine after art of antediluvian refine body, other source material is done not have, body self-healing ability is breathtaking however.

The hill before Gu Fei comes, the child that encounter much rise, greet sb without one person and him however, as if pair of his turn a blind eye to, otherwise swept him to go away with despised look namely.

Ancient flying face does not have expression, one face indifferently, face a few contemptuous eyes that cast with the door, he is in indifferently.

"Ouch, is this Gu Fei of our the talent that repair refine, ah not, should be Xiu Lian the ability that abandon material is right, with a ha breath out... " suddenly, wanton yock is transmitted in front.

In front on canal, walked along 3 to wear waist of white long gown likewise head on bundle of teenager of a white chatelaine come. Head one person bursts out laughing, and two teenagers also are accompanied in a low voice behind him laughing.

See these 3 girls, the expression that the thrill through in Gu Fei's eye detests one tiny bit, do not respond these 3 teenagers after that, turn directly went up on a canal on the side.

This canal, lead to a deal forest.

"Hello, abandon material junior fellow apprentice, go which are fast why on earth? " those 3 teenagers also be laughing and playing is worn end turns as Gu Fei went up that canal. On canal, still have child of 78 other girls.

Nevertheless, when these child see the girl of these 3 derisive Gu Fei, the pace below the foot is to be able to 'ted help accelerating however trifling, want to force the appearance of these 3 teenagers.

"You say who is useless material! " Gu Fei stops a pace suddenly, face about, to path of growl of those 3 teenagers, he this one growl, it is however will around other the look that is the same as the door was attracted come over.

"How, saying you is useless material how, not only you are useless material, your master also is useless material, hum! What is antediluvian refine body art, fleshy body becomes emperor, do not pass even if method of result of a rubbish stopped, throw to the ground nobody goes collecting, you two division apprentice regards rubbish as however baby, it is the head was kicked by the ass really, foolish arrived the utmost. Foolish arrived the utmost..

Head that teenager by Gu Fei abrupt one growl, arris, but immediately like continuous firing, pointing to Gu Fei's nose, the vituperation that saliva horizontal stroke flies to rise!

"Ah! Wang Yuanzhi, it is too beyond the mark that you are fastened! " Gu Fei's fist is held closely case, because too exert oneself to do sth. too, on fist every show joint is hoar, the fury in the bosom, erupt abruptly like volcano.